Are Marriages Made in Heaven ???

Found something from my archive…more than 6 years still nothing has changed!! Rules of the game are still the same🙊🤫


Ruchika’s father happily announced “This one is perfect”. He was talking about a suitable match for her younger daughter Ruchika. A well educated and qualified independent girl but the only flaw she has is she is of original Indian skin. Yes, she is not fair and that’s the only reason why she was rejected twice by so called “perfect alliance” before.
This time the family do not want to take any chances. Therefore, after all the necessary proceedings they have set up a meeting with the probable groom’s family. Ruchika’s aunt has come from Delhi and she has made her rehearse all the possible question answers which are likely to be asked.
The D-Day has come. Ruchika is made to wear a bright colored saree much to her annoyance but she has to resign in front of her parents.
And the interview comprising of not…

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