The Beautiful You…

Yesterday, when I was sitting with my friends in a restaurant I overheard the conversation of two ladies sitting on the next table. They were having chit chat on parties and other usual stuff. Suddenly that lady cited an incident to her friend which made me think of the present nurturing of the young brains. That lady told she went to some school where a six year old girl came to her and said “Aunty, don’t you think your kurta is too loose!!”
I was shocked at the same time amazed to hear that. I mean, how a six year old child can know the meaning of fitting and style. Might be that lady was boasting or might be she is just correct. Now I see young girls discussing on topics like waxing and facials. They have become “saloon vets” even before entering elementary school. Before they can even understand the meaning of being natural they are entering into pseudo world of beautiful fantasies.
It is quite evident, when in this world every second hoarding we see will be claiming to give you fair skin in just 5 weeks or a perfect figure in just Rs.1000. Every commercial break broadcasts different stories all focusing attention on a beautiful girl or show casing a Cinderella like story.
Cosmetics, Style, Fitness have all entered into our blood. “The first impression is the last impression” holds true. And the mantra now is, to have this good first impression you should have the best looks. Instant make over’s have done wonders in forcing the youth patronizing their favorite actors. Beauty matters and when every beauty product claims to give you a life like a star in just weeks or months or may be hours who would not mind spending a few bucks on that.
“No risk no gain” is the strategy. People think they can take the risk as they find nothing to loose.
I agree the beauty and fitness regime followed today must have done wonders by changing the looks of a simple ‘behanji’ to a babe’ or an average built boy’ to a dude’. But are we really being true to ourselves after all this??
The amazing ground breaking technologies have really made a breakthrough but haven’t they side lined the nature. What has happened to the age old secrets to maintain beauty and fitness??The secrets of applying besan’ for glowing skin or ‘heena’ to keep your hairs shining and long, The secret of eating healthy ‘fruits’ and natural ghee’ for your healthy body. They still exist somewhere in the closed books of our store rooms. They have been replaced by instant methods of ‘chemical peels’ for glowing skin and ‘hair spa’s’ for shining, long tresses. Yes, the protein injections have replaced the fitness regime being followed by people earlier when “kushti” and “kabaddi” was considered as the best sport. Don’t you think these sports required more of a fit body than what is required while playing counterstrike or playing a game in new PS2 or may be even riding your favorite sports bike??
The innocence is lost, the emotions have vanished, everything is superficial, and we as human beings have despised our own soul. We have started living someone else lives.
I believe this current scenario have done more loss than benefits. It may not be visible today but it will be seen soon in the coming period.
Again, there is nothing bad in following smarter ways to look beautiful but as it stands “slow and steady wins the race”. The fast methods can give you instant result but not the long lasting one. We should think and act wisely. We should understand beauty lies in the soul. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. External beauty is like a mirage which will attract you for some time but as the leaves of a beautiful tree sheds in autumn season this appearance will also fade away with time.
Focus on being natural. Don’t let people fool you by changing the famous proverb “Beauty lies in the eye of beholder” to “Beauty lies in the brain of customer!!!”
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