A word from a Traffic Light….

Hello Friends,
Let me introduce myself. I am a traffic light standing on one of the cross roads of the beautiful city Chennai in India. My thankless job is to show the right direction at the right time and for this I work 24×7.
I have seen various kinds of people in my life and learnt a lot from them. This time I thought to show you the world from my eyes, the day as I see and the lessons that I learn. Hope you enjoy it.
Good Morning!!!!
It’s a bright day to a fresh start with new thoughts, new faces and new learning.
The day begins with people jogging and finding their way to the nearby park, some meditating and some just having a round around with their pets. Nice way to start a day. After all, your body needs to be healthy and active especially in this cumbersome and busy life.
But to my dismay I see young blood, the kids all set with heavy bags on their tiny shoulders waiting for their school bus and the youth, the teenagers rushing to catch their college bus frantically talking on phone. Oh God!!! I am happy about technology development because that’s the reason of my existence but I am sad about it as that’s the reason of many accidents also. Cell phones have become an integral part of life. I daily see six out of ten people talking on their phones while they cross me hurriedly.
Anyways, as I believe that the day should begin with nice thoughts let me show you another view. The vendors are all settling their stalls in the busy lanes nearby. The lady has set her flower shop and is all set for the day’s earning. So pleasant, the nice scent of that white flowers. What a perfect romantic gift it would be if a husband just bring one to his beloved!!
And here I hear the morning mass being offered in the church and its perfect fusion with the bells ringing in the nearby temple offering ‘aarti’ to ‘Lord Ganesha’. Life seems to be perfect and everybody united at this particular time.
The traffic slowly increasing as people are rushing to work and I doing my job flawlessly.
Ahhh!!!!! To some extent I hate this time here. It’s so hot and humid. But a perfect scene just in front of you makes you forget these extremities of the weather. And I see here a gang of guys and gals coming to enjoy a sumptuous feast in the nearby restaurant.
Man is born to live in a company and if you are lucky enough to get the company of some superb friends what can be better than that. “Life is like a see-saw with ups and down but when you are down a good friend will jump on the other seat to bring you up again.”
LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH should be the ultimate motto of life.
I am desperately waiting for the evening to come this heat is killing me.
I love this time. Cool, mild breeze in the city, people rushing back to their homes.
Here I get to see the person I was waiting for. Yes, I am talking about a girl, a small girl guess ten years of age. She has come and accommodated herself peacefully under the street light. I am seeing her daily from the last two years. She has opened her books and started studying and she is here to make her living and probably to get some money to pay her school fees by selling the flowers. This girl as innocent as the softness of those flowers inspires me, teaches me a lesson-“Life isn’t simple. But the beauty of it is you can always start over. It’ll get easier.”
Traffic is increasing and with that the decibels. The clapping, the braking of wheels, the rattling of window panes, people’s shouting, honking of horns. Ufff!!!! It kills. People have just forgotten the meaning of patience. They have lost self control. Only thing they have remembered is speed. Oh I was just waiting for it. A guy just broke the signal, the police man behind it and he is convinced with some rupee note and that guy is saved. I really fail to understand it’s just a matter of few seconds. Is life that short that one can’t wait for fraction of time? May be yes may be not.
Ok, I have accepted the way it is. I really wish people understand that a little bit of friction can actually save a life.
After all that traffic jams in the midst of awesome weather the blanket of darkness has covered the whole city. The moon light has lit to cover up this darkness as the light of enlightenment. I find it interesting as I feel it is some light form the inner soul giving us the time to relax and rethink over our decisions and actions happened over the day. Time to make our wrongs into right, time to thank God for the beautiful day He has given us and time to go into a deep, comfortable sweet sleep.
But, as usual some people cannot be stopped in doing some horrible things. I am talking about some crazy boys who daily come to spoil the serene, calm peaceful environment on their bikes rattling at tremendous speed, performing some stunts from which I don’t understand who they want to impress. They seem to be such aimless person who has no clue about what life actually is. They are someone like who will say, “my life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot!!!”
Well, with all this the day ends and the thing I learnt about life is “It goes on.”
Hope you like the sneak peek of a day of my life and leant some useful insights. But still if you ask me the meaning of Life I will say, “don’t ask the meaning of life you define it!!!”
With this I am back to work and this time it’s time to show “GREEN”. Get going folks!!!!
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