True Love

You and me are one of a kind,
You and me are a perfect kind.
We can’t do everything forever,
But we can do everything together.

The alarm buzzed. He struggles to find where the watch is and snooze it. But unlike humans the clock rings again after every five minutes and so it was there again the irritating perky sound. Getting up, he rubs his eyes and says “Good Morning dear”.

Today he is very excited for two reasons. It is the day he has been waiting for from last one month. Firstly, today is his second anniversary and he has planned a beautiful surprise for his beloved. Secondly he has an exceedingly important assignment at office and it is all the more necessary for him and his career to get accepted by the management.

 He gets up and goes straight to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast a coffee and vegetable sandwich for him and for her. He wants to wake her up but he does not want to disturb her from the deep sleep she was in. Niaa, his wife looked heavenly bearing a child like smile on her face so innocent that anyone can fall in love with her, her skin just like snow white, rosy lips and a curl of her long black tresses falling on the cheeks. She looked divine, effortlessly beautiful. He cooks the meal and left it on the table with the note “For you with love, Abhay.”

 Abhay is a smart young man in late twenties. He is tall, dark and handsome. His eyes are big and thoughtful that someone can get lost in it with a single glance. Niaa and Abhay is a perfect couple. Theirs is love marriage. After four years of relationship they are now together into this everlasting bond of nuptials. They are entwined together as single soul residing in two bodies. Abhay and Niaa complement each other so well. They are truly, madly, deeply in love so much that words fell short and without speaking anything they can understand each other’s heart. That is the love these two share.

 He rushes to his office. Today he has decided to finish his work early. During lunch he gets the great news from his manager that his proposal is accepted and they want him to start working on it instantly. He was only waiting for this. His dream project is now not far from reality. He thought of sharing this news immediately with Niaa but he second it by thinking of  giving her a surprise and he know how happy she will be after hearing this. He is lost into thoughts thinking of the day they first met and now how Niaa is his biggest support in each and everything. How much he adores her and how much she cares for him. He feels lucky to have such a good wife and friend. He is reflecting all his memoirs when his phone rang. It’s a call from the jewellery shop and the girl on the other side informed that the piece is ready and he can collect it anytime.

 He immediately starts back to home. On the way he goes to the shop and collects the surprise he wants to gift his soul mate. He looks at the ring it is gorgeous with shining platinum and a sparkling diamond studded in the center  The letters ‘N’ and ‘A’ are beautifully carved on the inner side exactly the way he wanted. He thanks the shop owner and goes to the nearby florist to buy her favorite flowers, the violet orchids. While driving back to his house he reflects how he will be breaking the news to her. How happy she will be when he will gift this ring to her. He remembers how she demanded a diamond once and he has promised to give her some day. She will come running and hug him tight. That embrace, the soft touch and her voice he became all the more keyed up to reach home after thinking this.

 He reaches his home parks the car and knocks the door. But, no one came running to hug him tight and to welcome him back home. He realizes that the keys are in his pocket and he has lost Niaa three months back in a car accident. He goes into deep contemplation. His heart stops beating for a moment. His hands fell numb. It was a catastrophe. He wants to cry out loud but she wanted him to be always smiling. He needs her badly he thought.

 He opens the door and goes inside, it’s totally dark. He goes to his bedroom and in front of her photograph he wished her “Happy Anniversary”, gifted her ring and the flowers he has bought. His heart is paining. He is missing her and how desperately he wished if that one moment when he lost her could have not occurred at all. He curses his life. But somewhere he realizes that Niaa though not physically present but her eternal love is always with him who gives him the strength and motivation always.

“True love doesn’t mean being inseparable, it means being separated and nothing changes.”

 A drop of tear falls from his eyes and he said “I Love you, baby.” He felt the tender touch on his lips and whisper in his ears “I love you too.” Startled, he opens his eyes. He looks around and the whole room is lit with candles with a cake and rose in the centre. She hugs him and wishes, “Happy Anniversary.” And he realizes it was a dream; all that solitude, loneliness was just a dream. His Niaa is right there in front of him. He thanks God and hugs her back this time so tight that he has almost lost her and they are meeting after ages.


With this, they celebrated their second anniversary and he gifted her diamond ring. She was so thrilled and he is all the more happy to wake up from that nightmare more so to get her back. They both go out under the sky to wish for their immortal love and to be together forever.

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