Being a foreign correspondent- A dream come true

 If you ask me one profession that is tough and equally exciting I will say ‘Journalism’. It is exciting because it’s the only profession which can create a fire among masses or act like a dove ,spreading message of peace all around and it’s tough because it requires the ability to work under pressure and in long, irregular hours under any condition.

“Pen is mightier than sword.” When I gave speech on this famous line during my primary schooling I hardly realized the in depth meaning of the words but eventually I understood that it’s the voice of media only which can create the difference. Whether you talk about America’s election or biggest business tycoon marriage in the world’s biggest hotel its only one voice that creates the buzz and that is the voice of a correspondent.

Whether I want to become a foreign Correspondent and without a second thought to it the answer from my side will be a big YES.

  Well it’s not because I will get a chance to roam around the world, across the seven seas but also because it will help me express myself much beyond what I do it now. Being a journalist is a tough task which requires fervour, valour and communication. It brings a huge risk of personal and professional property along with the excitement and adventure. And if it’s about overseas the task become all the more threatening as you become the flag bearer of your country and that itself is an indescribable responsibility. By being in such position I can voice all around the world and of course about this world. Whatever my country men will be seeing it will be through my eyes, whatever they will be hearing will come through my mouth and whatever they will be reading will come out through my fingers.

 Since ours is a nation which has given us the “freedom of Speech” but unfortunately that right is now under continuous scrutiny and people are getting arrested even if they pass simple comment or a random thought. With this ironic situation the role of media and a journalist become all the more important as public thinking should match your frequency. The thoughts of a common man about countries are getting modulated with the changing wavelength of the various news reports.

 Foreign correspondents shape the image of a country to the eyes of foreign audiences every day through their reporting. The image of the world foreign correspondents construct through their reports also constitutes the common knowledge base on which government officials and diplomats will take their decisions (Source-Google). Being a foreign correspondent will help me to provide the right information to the people. News that will be true in each and every aspect without any boasting and will be full proof with evidence of each and every report I will present.

So when it comes for the choice of being a correspondent that to a foreign correspondent I will say who won’t like to be defined as a ‘cosmopolitan among cosmopolitans.’ A chance of being a foreign correspondent will give me every such opportunity and I would definitely like to grab one.

 Note- This post is an answer to a question – would you like to work as a foreign correspondent asked in Pendown- M talks


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