Shave or Crave

Remember my love our first date,
Roof top, roses, candles everything so ornate.
You were there handsome and tall,
You were my dream man, clean shaved, shining above all!!!

“Will you marry me?’ as you said,
For me it was an obvious Yes!!!


Things have changed;
We are estranged.

You have grown your prickly beard,
It frankly looks so ugly and weird.
You keep on giving vindication and excuse,
Whilst I try to amaze you by my voodoos.

Do you really care??
Is now what I fear.
While I am Cinderella ,
you are becoming like an old grizzly bear.

Enough of pain, cut down this scratchy affair.
Shave or crave, I warn you beware!!
Either you become a debonair
or I will get away from this despair!!!

This Post is a part of ‘Shave or Crave’ movement in association with


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