My journey towards Blogger

 Ok, this one comes straight from the heart, “Direct Dil Se”.


…that day I started my Blog

I would like to confess that I am not an avid reader.I had never thought of something like blogging two years before. To be more precise I never took any hobby seriously.

When I joint my first company immediately after my college everything was fun; my fresh position, my office, my new friends,a different place and of course a handsome salary. Life seemed to be the best at that particular instant till that day when I was alone with nothing to do. Bored I tried several things but nothing was hitting off well. I realized that I definitely need something which can be with me forever and on a deeper retrospection I realized the thoughts, my feelings and my emotions are always with me. So I decided to pour down my heart. And that day I started blogging.


…My first step into blogger’s world

Frankly, I was very apprehensive about the success of my blog. But with all the confusion and fear I started writing.

Reading different tips on blogging, getting feedback from fellow bloggers and lovely comments from people around, made me more and more interested in writing.I would like to acknowledge my gratitude to sites like Blogadda and Indi blogger which gives platform to a newbie like me to expand.

I somewhere read ‘if you get even one person who gets inspired from your writing your job of writing is successful.’ Since then it became my mantra. Now, I write my heart out with more alacrity.

The second tip I adopted for blogging is to write at least two posts a week and be an active blogger. I am trying hard to stick to it but unfortunately I am not able to deliver it to the fullest.


…My first two badges “Spicy Saturday Pick & WOW- Blogadda”

My first acclamation came when one of my posts Bitten by Technology Bug got selected in Blogadda’s Spicy Saturday picks. For me it was a similar feeling when I got first prize in a speech competition during my primary school days. I was glad that my baby steps were being praised somewhere and were touching and affecting people thoughts.

The second one came as WOW weekend post where I wrote about Discrimination-A Prejudice.

The zeal to write increased by leaps and bounds then.



Then came the lovely initiative by one of my fellow blogger, my senior who had not only guided and helped me during my college but somehow inspired me to write also.

Yes, I am talking about the brilliant idea hosted by Pen down- M talks herewhich enables bloggers to write their heart out and win books which I will rename it for myself as “MY BIG WIN.”

Many must be aware of this book give away initiative. I participated in two such contests and got two books. I must say both of them were worth read. I would like to thanks Pen down, Manjulika Pramod and Random House for giving me a wonderful opportunity to read two awesome books and to write on such lovely topics time and again.


…about the books- Aerogrammes and Operation Lipstick



The first one ‘Aerogrammes’ comprising of nine short stories was an excellent read. All the stories weaved together in one common thread of emotion i.e. LOVE. Hats off to the writer to explain a single emotion in different forms, all stories clearly tell us strive for Love and Want in humans. Somewhat funny yet deep authors keep the interest alive till the end and with each story the reader is left with a profound conviction of human feelings and emotions.

The second one is ‘Operation Lipstick.’ The title of the book itself creates an interest to know what is going to be inside. A story set around the war front of Afghanistan very clearly explains what courage is required to become a correspondent, that too a war correspondent. It explains that in spite of all the adversities one faces we humans cannot deny one feeling to be loved, a feel to be wanted and a feel to be social.

The story revolves around female protagonist Anna S who is a war journalist who can be best defined as ‘Bold and Beautiful.’ She does everything to enjoy her life without compromising with her work, her passion. The story takes you to almost a real life experience of wars and deep lying dark secrets. What makes this book all the more different is its contrasting theme of romancing and finding Mr. Right amidst a bumpy ride of explosives and terrorism.


…and the journey begins

The journey has just now begun and I remember these words

“…miles to go before I sleep”

With this I would like to thanks all my readers, who have read any one or might be reading this post also, all those who have commented and helped me in improvising myself. You all are the best trophy I have. I owe my writings to you and I really need your suggestions and comments to ameliorate, to get inspired and to write. Though I still feel I am not able to deliver the 100% of what is actually required all thanks to my work and schedules. Never the less, I am trying hard and plan to keep on improving.


Thanks once again!!!


Keep smiling. Cheers!!!



5 thoughts on “My journey towards Blogger”

  1. Hi Himani,

    It is indeed heartening to hear your story and your journey from a beginner to a blogger who's winning contests and giveaways. Keep at it. Don't let the spirit down and keep devoting time to this platform as well. 🙂


    My Blog | My FB Page

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