Divine is You!!!

Dinner tonight?
Catch you at eight!!
That was a compelling invite,
For what was to become a memorable date!!
I checked the time;
My heart sublimed,
When the clock struck five,
It resonated with the pendulum’s chime.
Frantically, I searched my entire wardrobe;
Dresses, shoes and jewelry stones all the time thinking of my heart throb.
I picked up my best dress,
Off shoulders red midi, with studs and wore a pearl set.
Gloss, mascara and a tinge of blush, I was all set
A gaze in the mirror and even Cinderella would had been envious
Everything seemed perfect,
Until I realized my hands were not waxed!
I so wished I had done my hair removal,
It was spoiling the bright and sexy ensemble!
Perplexed, I was deep in thought
Praying to get rid of this! Distraught!
Gillette satin care,
was the response to my prayer.
All I needed on my hand
was a single layer!!
As I was admiring myself,
wondering whether I was a descendent of an elf.
Smooth as my skin,
His car glided to pick me up
and everything that happened after that,
seemed like a fairy tale picture book!!
The candle light dinner date started anew,
With his compliment ‘Divine is you’!!
Ending in endless love which still accrues!!!
This post is a part of Gillette Satin Care contest in association with Blogadda.com

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