to Choose or not to Choose

Night, 11 o’ clock

Rajiv could not stop smiling as he entered his room. His heart was thumping hard and his mind was constantly thinking of her. She looked so heavenly beautiful. That black dress was perfectly made for her. She was looking like a goddess that even Snow White’s mirror would have broken after seeing her beauty. He remembered how he could not take off his eyes from her. Her beautiful dark brown curls reaching her waist, the pearl white studs and the necklace enhancing her beauty even more, the black kohl and the shimmering silver shadow on her doe eyes, the pink gloss on her lips, everything was perfect. The sound of the tinkling beads of her rhodium polished sliver bracelet that embraced her soft hands was still echoing in his ears. He thought of it all and how dearly he wanted to hold them.

It was not only her physical beauty that was the charmer but her voice was even more beautiful. She was polite and sophisticated. The way she spoke itself reflected her intelligence and curiosity to know things. She was straightforward but not rude.

He remembered their discussion on each and everything from movies to cricket, from shopping to food, and from politics to places. She could gel up on each topic so easily and even if she was not aware she was trying to be the patient listener. In short she was perfect blend of beauty, intelligence and mannerism. A combination he always had looked in a girl he could call his own.

He thought again and beamed lying on his bed carelessly. Should he meet her one more time? Should he ask for another date? Will she accept it? Is she feeling the same like him.

He introspected and then texted her- “Coffee, tomorrow?”

@ 12:00 a.m.

Pooja heard her cellphone beep as she came out of her bathroom. That was a tiring day, she thought. She picked her phone and saw Rajiv’s message. She jolted for a second; coffee with him? She was still not out of the shock of the blind date she had just few hours back and this message was acting as someone has teased her again on something which had annoyed her the most.

Yes, she had just now returned from a blind date with Rajiv. They met on Facebook and then happened a few chats when they decided to meet. And the meeting day was today. A so sought after and exciting blind date which Pooja always dreamt of turned out to be most boring and among her worst nightmare.

She thought about the place where she went for dinner with him and grinned, “How could a guy choose a place so worse and so crowded for a date? It was looking like a normal Sub kind of restaurant where people come for chit chat usually with friends. And she thought her perfect date would always be something with candle light dinner and peaceful, serene atmosphere”

Not only was the place also Rajiv himself was not appealing. “He came so casually in a T-shirt and Jeans and I was looking over dressed. He seemed to be so careless. He was not even shaved I wonder whether he took bath today or not,” she frowned. She remembered how he was laughing so loud and heavy that it must be echoing in everyone’s ear. The next second she questioned whether she was expecting too much. Boys are like this. Probably, he never cared about his looks.

But then, manners; in the last two hours that she spent with him she was sure that either he was least bothered that he is sitting next to a girl he is dating or he never have taken care and knows anything about how to take care of a girl. She remembered how he banged the door on her head and how he sat first without offering her to sit. Another thing was he never brought her anything. It’s a normal way of greetings that when you meet a person for the first time you should present him or her with something, at least she religiously practices this and hence she has bought a box of Swiss chocolates for him but he came empty handed. It’s not that she was dying for a gift from him but she expected it the most out of her first date, a blind date.

He looked totally different as a person what he used to be during chats; always funny, cracking jokes and on their date he talked on such boring serious issues like politics and sports. He never even noticed that she was silent for long that she was actually bored and he was constantly talking as if he was trying to spell bound her with his over intelligence.

She thought all of this and her shattered dream of a perfect date. She took a deep sigh and thought of answering the message with a big NO but then she thought Some things are better, left unsaid and unanswered. She closed her eyes.


From Third Eye-

Was anyone wrong??No. Perhaps, both Pooja and Rajiv were correct in their own perspective.

In this deceptive world it’s very difficult to read what’s going in other’s mind much because we are more lost in our very own realms of thoughts. This is what clearly visible in the two characters of the story. Rajiv was too lost in the beauty and was much excited because he got a perfect date. He got so much into it that he judged the boredom of Pooja as her quality in defining it as a patient listener. As for Pooja, she was expecting Rajiv to be the same always as she finds him in chat and when he acted a bit differently it became her turn off.

Everyone loves beauty and when you get someone who perfectly completes what you thought of was your dream you desire and you crave for it more. Similarly, Humans are bound to expect and even a slightest deviation from the least expectation makes us sometimes to reject and disapprove.

Compatibility is important but who will decide this? A prompt and obvious reply is the person himself/herself.

Then the question arises is one meeting enough to decide whether a person is right choice or not?

Summer and Winter were not supposed to fall in love. But then there are a lot of people in the world. No one ever sees everything the same way you do; it just doesn’t happen. So, when you find one person who gets a couple of things you might as well hold onto them.

But choices have to be made. As rightly said, it is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends!!



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