Limitless Love

For the love so pure,
For the bond de jure,
For the hope anew,
For the relationship so true…

The marriage days were all fun; celebration, enjoyment, new relations, plenty of emotions and a much needed break. Yes, that’s what was on our mind when we took a three weeks long break for our wedding.

Our Relationship
 It was an arranged marriage for us. But as marriages are made in Heaven (philosophically) and opposite attracts (scientifically) similar is the case for us. We two, entwined together by destiny forever have completely contrasting characters. I being chatty and inquisitive while he being silent and knowledgeable, I am eloquent while he is generous, I become indecisive and nervous at times while he is optimistic.
Our relationship is like air and fire active and powerful. It’s a very fiery, passionate connection; there’s always something going on. Within all these dynamics I always ponder that we know each other so well. But sooner did I start realizing that there is still much to know about him and for him to understand about me. And then, at certain time it seems that so much we appreciate each other yet so little.
As soon as we return from the celebration we got so much tied up in our work that we hardly got time to know much about each other. This being one reason and may be the actual being that we were overconfident that after six months of courtship we identify each other likes and dislikes pretty well. Office tensions, deadlines, what to buy for groceries, planning for future, responsibilities are taking a toll on our love life.
I know that we love each other a lot but I am also missing the spark that was indeed required to air 

the fire. I discern love isn’t perfect. It is not a fairy tale or a story book. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting it go. It’s a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. And we cannot live without each other.

We love each other and perhaps we both know each other completely but here the trouble is not only to know about each other but also to spent time with each other so that we start loving even those things what we didn’t understand about each other.
How to hear those untold things? How to understand those unspoken words? How to get the time?What can I do to refuel my love life?
Then I saw this beautiful emotional video from British Airways which perfectly defined the pure relationship of an arrange marriage in which your heart speaks a thousand words but your mouth can’t speak anything out, in which your eyes are the only mode of speech and understanding. It relates to us so well and I am sure with any couple in that matter.
I promise you;
stars I will bring and catch the morning light for you.
I promise you;
I will show the best of this life to you.
And then I have decided that our first anniversary we are going to celebrate in the most romantic place of world Europe. And yes I have planned everuything for the trip. The destination to go are the Love cities Paris and Italy. The one prime reason behind choosing these destinations are because they are his dream destinations.
Paris the eternal  romantic destination of Europe famous for outstanding cuisines, fashion, luxury goods and cocktail. Yes, visiting the world’s wonder Eiffel Tower is definiytely on the cards but more to visit the museums, the chapels and churches. I am sure he being the lover of History would definitely love it. We will have lot of time to spend with each other and more to understand each other.
Venice is perhaps the world’s most unique romantic place is my dream destination and then the iconic gondola ride in the city’s picturesque waterways. The art gallerys and the candle light dinner with relishing venetian cuisines the italian food and the masked ball, the world renowned Carnival of Venice. Then my dream to tie the knot again with him under Juliet’s Window.
I am sure with this trip we are definitely going to find out a new side of each other, we will definitely know each other better and our Love and relationship will find a entirely new meaning in itself.

No matter how far we go,
I promise you.
I will reach you.
To show,
The unconditional limitless love for you!!!
I am sure with time we will recognize oneself with each other more than what we do today and this trip will prove a relishing and memorable dream cum true for us.

For now I can just say the beauty that you have brought in my life is beyond description. I hardly can express it in words my heart speaks a new language now.
This post is a part of Indiblogger and British Airways ‘Go Further to get Closer‘ contest.

3 thoughts on “Limitless Love”

  1. very well expressed feelings with poems, text & pictures…looking forward for such good expressive writings from you..

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