We are a gang of friends; and like every other we too love to party, infact party hard!!
Football Fever is on with this Fifa Football World cup 2014. Every news channel, TV Media reporting on it and the fever is on us too, we all being the lover of this fast and furious sport.
So coming Friday is the enthralling quarter finals between Brazil and Colombia. With Party and Football on our mind we decided that we will have some fun time at someone’s place. And then I decided why it can’t be my house. I recently shifted to a new place. And I do definitely not like the monochrome décor of the house. I thought this will be the best idea where I can give my house the splash of vibrant colours and can invite the friends also for a party. And then I set it all.
Party midnight at Friday 4th July (TGIF…We can have some real fun)
What I plan to do-
The Home– Those dull walls always creates some sense of blues and melancholy. I wanted to get rid of that. Then I thought the theme should match the football game. Something very entertaining, with twists and turns, which will always leave your heart excited and the WOW factor remains.
And I got for the walls the vibrant colour wallpapers, rainbow shades, with some really cool quotes on friends and party.
Next, I will remove all the furniture of the room, except the side table. I replaced all of them with mattress and bed covers / bed sheets on them with those soft cuddling colourful comfortable cushions.
The mattress and those splashy, colourful bed sheets on them will give us a more comfortable setting for watching and cheering our favourite players.

For the party I definitely need those red and blue colour curtains contrasting with the ivory floral lace ones.

The Polka dots are in trend this days and these curtains I definitely loved.

The side table or the side deck won’t be less than a show. To highlightthe frames and paintings on the side walls I have decides to place some décor lights on the side table which will glow golden when the main lights are turned off. And to be specific I selected this Rubik cube multi-coloured light.



I have decided to go for natural perfume and hence come those beautiful vases with intricate and delicate designs with those lovely lilacs liliespink, yellow hues and white soft petalled flowers to enhance the beauty of the house.



Once done on the entrance foyer I have decided to place those candle stands and thus welcoming the cool, peaceful, positivity inside the house.

2. Next comes, the lipsmacking yummy food, and a food taste better if served in the best dishes.
 It’s a party and that too on a crucial football match. So Beer and drinks are a must and hence I have decided to remove all my old cutlery and glassware with some funky cheerful cutting edge glass ware. I chose these ones.
To serve the snacks nothing can beat the serving Platters dishes of different shapes and sizes.The dip and spread set, the breezer Platter Plate, the cool serene white color of the dishes it will just add more beauty and color to the food. 
And to serve the pizza this round tray with crystal clear finish  fit best.
The tea sets, the coffe mugs, the popcorn munching bowls all set.
I am just waiting now to set my house to a party den this Friday. The enticing setting and the awesome food, I am all set to rock this party.
The Part Mode ON!!!
Football FEVER is ON!!!
Because Thank God its FRIDAY JJ J

This Post is part of TGIF contest from FAB furnish


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