The Black, The Bold, The Beautiful

What is Black?

Black is a colour which absorbs all other colours. For me it’s inspiring, it’s something which has control, it’s dominating and empowering as well. When things or situation turns dark that means there is light not very far. So it is a colour of hope. It’s Bold and Beautiful. It’s dark and daring. It gives you power to dream, to think Big. It’s the colour of outer space. When you walk in dark you don’t know what will come your way. It is mystique and magical. It’s full of surprises. It is an impression of elegance, confidence and sophistication.

My Black wish list is –
Black is Powerful and classy.
Attracts me the deep black elegant look of the chassis,
Hence, I am in love with Black Lamborghini, Limousine or merc;
an artistic exemplary body of work!
Black is sexy, Black is mysterious.
Those deep black eyes so magical yet delirious,
With the sensuous black dress ,
Covered with deep curly black tress,
paired with black heels.
And  to me it appeals.


Black is sometimes soft and chocolaty.
Here comes my favourite, the black forest cake topped with nutty.

So tempting, so melting are the chocolate flakes;


I can’t leave it whatever this takes.
Black is authoritative, Black is haughty.
And so is my crush A black Harley,
The look so strong, robust and sturdy,
The distinctive sound that makes me go crazy.


Black is comfortable and so lazy.
The big black Recliners I feel so cosy.
One set placed in your room looks so royal;
Believe me it will make you feel like a king Imperial.
Black is the colour of dark night.
give you peace and sleep,
to make your next day start so bright.
Black is everywhere dark and deep.
Many more things to fall in love, as black is powerful and mystique.
Image Courtesy-Google
This post is part of a contest #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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