What The Black ??

What the Black is going on,
Surprises from dusk till dawn.

From egg to paper, what comes next?
I kept guessing as with everything I was perplexed.
Day 1 was black egg with a chocolaty yolk
I thought and thought till the next day I woke.
What comes then and why the egg is black?
I was guessing, when came a Black newspaper in pack.
It was full of news over black;
Mystery is on- that I have to crack.
I read on the breaking news twice, thrice, on and on;
I am still solving till I get the day3 Clue to try upon.
As I guessed it right, a Black cup and a black tissue.
Black is everywhere breaking as a hot issue
Countdown begins now 1 Day more to go
Hold your breath, guess set go.
I guess a something unique and healthy coming tomorrow
Let’s see what will be my weekend Black brunch to follow.
Is it my white teeth with Black Brush or Black Toothpaste?
Or something with a special, delicious taste.
I read the box and it stated Colgate.
I guess its the new Charcoal Black Brush to locate.

This post is part of a contest #WhatTheBlack activity at

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