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Book Review- Love Lasts Forever: Only if You don’t Marry Your Love

Title- Love Lasts Forever: Only if You don’t Marry Your Love
Author- Vikrant Khanna
Publisher-Shrishti Publishers & Distributors
Genre- Fiction

The Blurb Ronit was eighteen years old when he found himself falling head over heels in love with Aisha. He met her on his graduation day, after completing his studies which could eventually get him work in the Navy. Ronit is convinced beyond doubt that Aisha is his soul mate and that their love would last for eternity and a day. They get married after seven years but only after a week, Ronit realizes it might have been a mistake to have tied the knot. His Captain’s poignant love story might just change his perceptions on love and life but it is at that cusp that their ship gets hijacked by the notorious pirates of Somalia. What happens next? Will Ronit’s marriage end or does it get better because of all the events that happen which will change his life?
The Swift Summary– the Story begins with a life journey on a ship where Ronit, the main protagonist and the narrator of the book seems quite interested in his captain’s Shekhar love life. While he listens to the story he gets flashback of his own life; his love at first sight with Aisha, their lovey-dovey love, how they got married and a disaster when he realizes that Aisha is not the same as she used to be before marriage. In between all this revolves another plot in which the pirates of Somalia take over the ship and it gets hijacked. Will Ronit be saved from the pirates? What is that which is keeping Ronit so engrossed in his captain’s life story? Will he be able to make up ever with Aisha? Is Aisha completely a different person now?
Read this book, to get the answers.
My View- The genre is Fiction or Romance. The book has a smooth flow alternately switching between past and present. The book is simple yet interesting in a way as the author has rightfully used the intricacies of a naval officer’s journey and also included the technical details of a ship which is different. The book teaches an important lesson that large materialistic things are never important in love only things that are important are concern, trust and understanding.
The author has given the characters very genuine details. Every character has their own importance in the story whether talking about the protagonist best friend Joe Singh or the brother of Aisha. He has not over boasted anything while describing a location or a house. Thus makes the story realistic.
The book is delightful read but sometimes the narration seems to stretch. Also, it is a simple love story revolving around a different plot, a hijacked ship journey.
The cover of the book is simple in green showing two gold engagement rings representing a commitment which may turn to complicated later.
About the Author– Vikrant Khanna grew up in Delhi. He studied at the Tagore International School. He has also penned the bestselling book The India I Dream of… and the Facebook Revolution Begins!! and When Life Tricked Me… And Love Kicked Me. He joined the Merchant Navy as a deck officer and later became a Chief officer.Vikrant eventually completed his masters to become a Captain. He is also a keen guitarist who composes his own songs and is adept at cooking.
The Final Verdict– I find this book a bedtime comfortable read. It’s perfect for those who are committed yet confused about their love life. I will rate it 3.5/5.

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