Crowning Glory-Chapter 22

Life’s Game– Read the previous part here
Cyrus could not dare to ask her anything. The fear, the Anger, the revenge was quite visible from her face. All on their way they spoke hardly anything except for the few lefts and rights for directions. Soon they arrived at their destination where Jenny would probably get answers to all her questions.
They pressed the doorbell and Tara Dutta opened the door.


“You, What are you doing here??” yelled Tara. Tara was expecting Shekhar and Roohi. Why this girl has come again, she thought and where is Shekhar , he is not even answering my calls.But nevertheless, Jennifer replied, “yes, it’s me Mrs. Dutta. Hope you are all fine.” Tara tried to hide her anger and irritation,” Oh ya, but may I know what brought you here.” Jennifer was about to reply just then Cyrus entered. Seeing him Tara felt uneasy. “Had this lawyer told everything to this journalist?” thought Tara worriedly. And before she could think of any other possibility Jennifer questioned her, “Mrs. Tara Dutta don’t worry your image is not at stake because you filed a divorce against your husband. But worry more Tara as you have now everything at stake.”
Tara frowned at this threat, “What the hell do you mean? Who are you to threaten me? I will call the cops. Have you forgotten who you are talking to? Tara Dutta, the CEO, the star of Page 3 parties.”
Jennifer replied calmly,” Calm down Mrs. Dutta else you will get fine lines on your smooth skin. And yes I have not forgotten anything. You wanted to call the cops you can, or if you insist I can help you in that.” with that she pushed Tara hard onto the chair and Cyrus quickly tied her arms to the chair.
Tara shouted, “What are you both doing here? You people are taking a big risk.” Before Tara could shout anything else Jenny flashed the Kolkata number and the card in front of her. “Do you remember anything”, enquired Jenny. Tara refused to speak a word. She shouted,” What do you think I am a telephone directory that you flash a number and I will display the name?”
Jennifer slapped Tara and played a recorded Voice in front of her. The voice which Tara had heard so many times, the voice which Jennifer recorded while she spoke with that kolkata number, the voice of the thief. Jennifer showed her hand to Tara, “Do you remember this?” Tara was shocked. She was not able to utter a word and then suddenly she gave a wicked smile,” Not that easy Jennifer. The day I saw you I saw you as a threat but seeing your carefree nature I thought you will not much of a botheration. But you are too smart then I thought.”


Jennifer interfered in between, “Yes, I am and now I will show you your true place and regarding Aryan don’t worry about your dear friend.” she turned to Cyrus and asked,” Cyrus, have you done what I asked you to do last day.” Cyrus nodded still not believing the action taking place in front of his eyes. He replied, “Yes.”  Cyrus handed a list of documents to her. Jenny smiled, “Good, and now you Mrs. Tara Dutta, I hope all your doubts are clarified by now. See as you rightly said it will not be so easy to dig out the truth so I have some gift for you.” She showed some documents which showed that Roohi was adopted by Shekhar and Tara and also some reports from a hospital which mentioned that Tara delivered a baby around twelve years back.”Now if you can tell me without wasting yours and our time anymore, why did you sell your own kid to Bibiji, why? And let me warn you if you don’t speak now a call and soon your family life, your divorce and your relationship with Ahuja will be out in all news channels. I have enough proof against you. And I would like to thank you because I learnt from you how to use the power correctly. You used your position and I used the name of my magazine, these days its very easy to lure people,just show them the limelight tell them that you will make them famous and they are ready to open all the locks. So Ms. Dutta the decision is yours you want me to tell what made you rise to the top in such short interval of time.
Tara by now was shattered. She could not believe that the image what she has created in all these years will break in seconds. She was so nervous that she cried and fainted.
Will Tara confess?? Has she really done anything??Read the next part here.

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