Book Review

Book Review-Svaha- a battle of Epic proportions

Title- Svaha- a battle of Epic proportions
Author– Pratik Kamat
Genre– Fantasy

The Blurb- An apocalyptic event catapults a teenage girl and a devout man into a war that threatens humanity’s existence. His unwavering faith leads him on a terrifying path of destruction. Her brush with death leads her to discover her true destiny. A team of Somali pirates unearths an ancient weapon, setting in motion a devious plan by a religious Dravidian cult. Nadar, the devout man, follows the high priest’s every command, putting his life at stake and testing his faith at every turn. In Mumbai, a reckless young teen crashes her bike in a suicidal stunt—only to be saved miraculously by an unknown man on a mission of his own. Slash must come to terms with her true destiny and be the force to take on the great evil released upon mankind. The stage is set for a battle of epic proportions as a demon from the past rises and threatens to wipe out the world. Armed with, and ultimately divided by, only their belief, who will transcend the supernatural, the corrupt and the powerful to restore the delicate balance of nature? Svaha is a gripping thriller featuring characters from India’s mythological past, its political present and the uncertain future.
The Swift Summary– Series of events are happening in the country. At one place a person on command of Paramacharya is ready to awaken the greatest villain from the dark, on the other hand a reckless, carefree very beautiful yet tomboyish girl Slash meets with an accident only to be saved by someone unknown in a very supernatural way.
If this villain gets up the humanity is at stake and there is only one person who can save humanity from this threat that is Slash. Keeping an eye on all the activities are like the yin and yang. There are other characters in the story like Major Khanna, Council, Slash’s friend and the Soldier who will help Slash and is the mythological superhero.
Why is Slash, a 19 year old girl the chosen one? Will she be able to defeat world’s greatest villain? What is the actual motive behind all this awakening?
Read this fantasy, suspense novel to get the answers.
My View-   The story revolves around something supernatural which is related to religion and history. ON the other hand in the fast running busy life a teenage girl meets with a life threatening accident only to be saved by someone who wants her to save the humanity from the arising extremely dangerous villain. The plot is new and fresh. The chapters are small and the story is grasping enough.
The best part is the reader feel attached because the story always unfolds a dramatic and magical turn.
The language is simple and explanation is vivid. The book is a must read for all those who love super-heroes and believe in super natural activities.
About the Author– Pratik Kamat is a writer and an artist. He started his career as a music correspondent for youth magazines before switching to advertising. He currently works as a creative writer for a leading advertising agency in Mumbai.
The Final Verdict– I find this book a ‘Coffee-table’ relaxing read. It’s perfect for those who like to read about superheroes, who love some unbelievable adventure and powers. I will rate it 3.5/5.

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