Fear-Face it or Forget it

You can do any of the two things to fight with your FEAR either forget it or face it. Each one of us have different fear some fear darkness, some insects, some death.
From my childhood I had fear of various things, but my greatest fear was to stay alone. Whenever my parents use to go out for some work leaving my sister and me alone at home I used to cry, cry like a baby. I used to give different excuses to my mom and dad as soon as I come to know about they going somewhere.  I got various scolding, my father used to counsel me. Every time I used to promise him that I will stay calm and I will be bold, I will not repeat the same again. In short, I used to forget my Fear but then the story remained the same because I was running away from it.
As I grew up and the day came when I have to leave for college. My college was quite far from my native and hence has to stay in hostel. And then came a reality check about my greatest fear so far- how will I stay away from my parents my family?
My parents told me just one thing- Its your choice, Its your life decide yourself you want to rise in it or you want to let a fiction ruin it. And I realized that till now I was trying to overcome my fear I was running away and everytime it was becoming huge like a monster. Then I decided to face it. I faced it and rose up in my life.
Today, I am away from my house for last nine years, its not something which I am happy about, I miss my family dearly but yes I am proud to say that I have overcome my fear. I don’t feel frightened to stay alone now, I have grown up strong as a person and that monster has gone away I really don’t know where.
Having said this I would also like to say fear is something, which I believe is self created by our weaker self. Its up to us how much we allow it to grow in us. But the fact remains the same the only way to get rid of this is to face it.
Over the period, I have overcome various other fears be it my stage fear which went away when I decided to participate in a group dance on annual day of my school. The fear of exams, the fear of darkness, the fear of heights, the fear of expectations, yes I have overcome most of them.
As it is said Life moves on and I believe that these hurdles created by FEAR should not be the stopping stones but the stepping-stones towards success.
After all, fear is to be faced and fought for. What say???
This post is part of Indi happy hours by Mountain Dew

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