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e-Book Review-Girl From Fathepur

Title- Girl from Fathepur
Author– Sarita Verma
Genre– Romance


The Blurb- “I love you Rajan,” she had blurted out, hands clenched tightly at her sides.
“Sana, you are only a kid…you will soon forget all this. Besides, don’t you also love Shahrukh Khan?”
A decade has gone by and Sanjana, now a highflying professional in Mumbai, thought she was over her childhood crush on the enigmatic Rajan. Back in her hometown Fatehpur for a family wedding, she bumps into him; he’s still enigmatic and the sparks are still there. Just when things begin to heat up, though, in walks Krish, a colleague from Mumbai, who seems to be very possessive of Sanjana
The Swift Summary– Sanjana working in a consulting firm is running away from her confused thoughts about another colleague of hers Krish who has proposed her. She is indecisive about him hence on her roommate’s advice decides to travel back to her hometown Fathepur, where there is a wedding of her cousin.
During the wedding preparations she bumps into her childhood love, her first love Rajan. She finds him even more attractive and handsome then he used to be when she was a teenage girl.
When all things start turning for their love her colleague from Mumbai, Krish enters into the scene. He is one of the relative from groom’s side.
Sanjana finds herself in midst of confusion again. She is not able to understand her feelings for Rajan. Moreover she is perplexed thinking about one of his girl friend about whom Rajan once told. She is also not sure about Krish who is acting too possessive for Sanjana.
During the complete ceremony Sanjana takes some harsh decision and comes back to Mumbai.
What are those decisions? Who does Sanjana love? Is it Krish or is it Rajan? Is Sanjana able to take up the right decisions for her life? If yes, how?
Read on this simple yet beautiful story from author Sarita Verma.
My View-   The story is set in a small town Fathepur. The Protagonist, Sanjana is shown as a simple yet beautiful sensuous girl. The other characters, the two heroes in her life and other family members are all shown lively and fit exactly in their role. The description of various places like Fathepur, Kumbh Mela is described in a very beautiful, livid style.
The full story is a simple read, which starts with a smile and ends with a smile. It’s something, which a common girl in love can relate to.
I like the cover and the family involvement in the complete story. At the same time there could have been more focus on the main characters and their story then, the side characters.
About the Author– A voracious reader of escapist literature, freelance writer Sarita Varma has contributed short stories for the Chicken Soup series and has written numerous articles for magazines andwebsites on history, travel, health and a host of diverse topics. A postgraduate in history, Sarita loves the light-hearted romances of Georgette Heyer, historical detective fiction by Ellis Peters and, at the other end of the spectrum, the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. She juggles her long and active association with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of India during the day, with one-finger typing on the laptop in the quiet of the night. Writing for her is a means of communion and self-expression. It is also escapism—transporting her instantly into a
different, magical world of make believe. Meet her on Facebook or contact her at
The Final Verdict– I find this book a ‘Coffee-table’ relaxing read. It’s perfect for those who like to read about love and simple story. I will rate it 3.5/5.


2 thoughts on “e-Book Review-Girl From Fathepur”

  1. A perfect review. I am very fond of love stories and grab up all the books of love authors. Will surely read it and will share my feedback with u. Thank u for the share and the info.

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