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Mesmerize your beloved with Valentine’s Day special gifts

Love is in the air or is it fragrance of your sweetheart, so hard to tell it apart when you are deep in love. Since the Neanderthal times or maybe before that smell has been playing an essential role in maintaining relations. Everyone has a unique body fragrance that lets their close ones identify them even from a distance. How about you try this scientific method as your Valentine day special gift for making her feel special as she is. I am certainly not talking about your or her body scent but a unique combination of various scents available in nature, merged together to form perfume. FotorCreated As Jean-Paul Guerlin has said, “The perfume is the most intense form of memory”, let her signature fragrance steal your heart even when she is not around. Choosing fragrance for someone is not less than fighting in a battle with a very good nose that can bear the smell of various fragrances to find that one signature scent for someone so close to your heart. You might like something while she has a different pallet choice for perfume. Which scent will be good for her? Perfume, EDP, EDT, EDC or Eau fraiche, which one to buy? Top note, middle note, base notes? Which fragrance category to dig in? With so many questions at hand, one may feel search of the perfect signature scent for their girlfriend or wife to be rocket science. Nevertheless, when you succeed in your Valentine’s Day gifts for girlfriend or wife with the right perfume, the winning prize is always special. Check out some of the perfume category suitable for Valentine gifts for your cutie pie- Citrus Perfume


Tangy, delicious, fresh and energetic, just like a breath of fresh air, citrus perfumes are a delight to have. Let your beloved try on something special with citrus as main or top note. Some popular fragrances with citrus as their top note are Calvin Klein CK One, Charlie Gold EDT by Revlon, Armaf Tred Jour Perfume By Sterling and Miss 20th Century by York. You can also gift her body mist in the citrus note such as White Citrus by Bath & Body Works. Floral Perfume


Either single or a combination of different floral notes, this is the most identical good girls’ scent loved by most of the ladies out there. Choose something unique for her. Some options available for her are Beautiful Woman Eau De Parfum by Estee Lauder, Dream Angels Forever by Victoria’s secret, Miss Angel by York and Flower Princess by Vera Wang. Fruity Perfume


Fruity scents are meant for those who love a happy cheerful life with a smile on their face forever. If this is your girl, get her a bunch of fruity scents combined in one such as Ange Ou Demon by Givenchy , Vintage White by Gianni Venturi and Dream Angels Desire by Victoria’s Secret. This scent is flattering for all without overwhelming one. Spicy Perfume

Spicy.jpg (1)

Being sweet and cute is good but sometimes it is great to be naughty. Bring out the naughty hotty side of your girlfriend or wife with perfumes having spicy main notes. Some options for you are Italian Sensuous Spicy Vanilla Energy Body Perfume by Erbario Toscano Italy and Wisal EDP by Ajmal. Along with these girly perfumes, there are other categories as well like Woody, Oriental, Green and Oceanic available with major brands like Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Davidoff and Bvlgari. In your perfume shopping spree, do remember to keep her personal choices in view as well. Let her fragrance mesmerize you and others with her signature scent!

A Guest Post by Minakshi Pharswal.

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of the India’s leading online fashion destination. She has a keen interest in the gifting trends in fashion world and loves to write about them. In this article, you can read about different kinds of perfumes that can be gifted to girlfriend, wife or fiancé on Valentine’s Day.


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