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My Pimple Story

When I was in my teenage I got the first acne. It started from one and then continued to form clusters. My mother always guided me with some home remedies, be it putting a paste of turmeric or using Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth). I always dreaded sitting down for fifteen minutes, letting the paste or pack to dry and then wash it off. Some people even explained that as you grow these will go. But these dreadful spots and marks, they played every time and whenever I thought that they will never come back yet ironically when I have to look my best this will appear from nowhere.

I would like to share some instances when that deep red colour pimple came and left a scar as memory on my face.

When I was a school student, I hardly cared about my looks. 😛

Till the day I went for parents teachers meet, proud as I was worm of the books!! 

No complaints about me my mother will hear, I rest assured.

When suddenly a teacher commented what are those boils on  your face which makes it obscure. 😦

It was embarrassing, it was demotivating. 😥

Till my Mom told me to fight and cure the pimples to make myself fascinating. 🙂

And then again it came-

That morning I woke up and as I saw my face, 

I dreaded, I shrieked to see a pimple of a round, circular shape. 😦

I felt like scratching as it was itching. 

The moment I touched I felt like a needle pricking.

I prayed to God that it shall go,

as I have a friend’s wedding to attend and I need my face to glow.

But my worst nightmare came true;

It became worse and paining so much oohhh!!!

The day somehow passed, I tried hiding it with my make up.

But I was embarrassed as it was right on my forehead. 😥

That was not the last time I faced the issue;

How to prevent acne, jits and pimples was my mission to get me rescued!!

Well the story doesn’t end here; as my skin is sensitive I decided to look out for the real causes of this pimples and acnes.

My skin is sensitive but I am using the fuller’s earth face pack mixed with turmeric, gram flour and few drops of lemon twice a week to fight my battle with Pimples.

prod-P10035-bigBut this is definitely a long term process and for quick results and remedy I switched on to “Garnier Pure Active Neem Purifying Face Wash.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

Its safe and natural which contain real Neem Leaf and Tree Tea Oil extracts:

1) Fights germs: Washes away problem causing germs.

2) Fights Pollution: deep cleans pores to remove impurities caused by pollution.

3) Removes Oil: Washes away excess oil which attracts dirt & germs.

I am finding a definite change with a clear skin and reduced spots!!!

I would like to highlight the major blunders we do in daily life to spoil our skin.

Here are the major causes of pimples and acnes-

  1. The prime reason is Stress. In the recent times we as humans have converted to machine and the toll is on our life. Even children are so stressed with their daily assignments and running fast in the rat race to out show their colleagues and friends.
  2. Pollution With increasing population and infrastructure pollution has increased by leaps and bounds. We are daily exposed to harsh environment like dirt, smoke, etc. which damages the delicate skin and thus making it prone to acnes.
  3. Junk Food and Oily Food – Junk Food like Pizza and Burgers may be the latest talk and status for the youth but definitely the extra cheese is also adding extra oil in your skin.
  4. Improper Care of Face and Daily Habits– Drinking less water, not covering the face while going out in a place full of dust, sleeping late are all causes that aggravates this problem.
  5. Hormonal Imbalance– The cause of acne in some can be because of hormonal imbalance also.

Cure for acnes-Lot of options are available for curing acnes

Medications and chemical Treatments like Salicylic Peel but then they are the most expensive options. Instead, I recommend slight change in your daily habits and using proper product regularly can help you evade any such nightmare.

Of course, Garnier Pure Active neem Face Wash acted as a sword to fight my Pimple problem along with it were the home remedies as my army and now I am almost near to win this fierce battle.

This is a post for Garnier Pure Active Neem face Wash in association with indiblogger.

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