ASUS Indiblogger Meet a gist

ASUS product launch of EEE Book and AIO Series. Both the products are extremely stylish with some really awesome features.

Sleek on Style, Sleek in price a catchy tag-line of the product which is well suited with the product line.

Unique product with features for Eee Book X205 which is 11.6 inch windows 8.1 notebook and weighs less than 1 Kg.

The product Manager of ASUS explaining the features of AIO and EEE Book

Specific queries answered like availability of product on Flipkart and success of the new product.

Indiblogger once again was an awesome host. Thanks a ton for the bloggers event. It always is a special feeling and privilege to be part of such gatherings.

Networking. Yes, it was the most important part of the meet. The fifteen minutes given to interact with various bloggers and get one personal Item from them was fun activity. I collected around twenty blog URL and connected with some enthusiastic Bloggers.

Drama was full on in this meet. With four acts played by different group of bloggers on theme like Ganganam Style, Pirates of Caribbean and Bollywood with some interesting dialogues like –“Ek chote se comment ki keemat tum kya jano Ramesh Babu.”

ITC Gardenia, Bangalore- nice ambience, mouth-watering food.

Blogger introduction was fun. While some introduced themselves I was still trying to rehearse my lines, as to what I will say if someone asked me to introduce me.

Lovely crowd with all mix of interests. Some bloggers blog full time while for some like me it’s a hobby. For some the reason to attend the meet was free food while everyone wanted to get more friends from the Blogging world.

Ouch!! This Bangalore traffic; yes, as always Bangalore traffic was at its worst. It took me almost one and half hour to reach the venue. Sigh!!

Go Sleeek ASUS experience tweet- Bloggers were asked to tweet with hash tag #GoSleeekASUSexperience and as usual the best tweet wins vouchers from ASUS.

Got no T shirt. Yes, T-shirt was a miss this time. Please Indiblogger I want one next time.

Entertaining yet not so entertaining. I enjoyed some instances in the meet but at times it was going somewhere. May be because it was not for complete day or may be it was planned in hurry.

Relishing starters and soft drinks. The starters and soft drinks were the savior and removed all the tiredness of the complete hectic day.


Music was enthralling. The band played by Indiblogger Team was good enough to make our heart beat rise and remove the tiredness caused by the traffic and travel.

Bloggers trying their hand on the ASUS product in the product preview

Exclusive product preview.

Eagerly waiting for the next meet.It was the first meet of 2015 and I am now waiting for the next meet but for now eagerly waiting for the…

Twitter results!!!


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