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Quikr Nxt-the new way to sell while you chat

Well Folks, by now every one of us must have bought or sold something on Quikr. The complete experience on Quikr is amazing. And Quikr once again has amazed their customers by introducing a new app called Quikr Nxt. Yes now we can buy and sell and get amazing deals neither by making a call nor by spending a penny by chatting from your smart phones.

Without wasting much of time I am going to focus now on some serious benefits of this app cum chat.

  1. While buying any products the buyer first want to see how it looks, whether the product is usable, fine and not physically damaged. With the launch of Quikr Nxt chat app a seller can send ‘n’ numbers of photographs and thus there is more satisfaction while negotiating on the deal.
  1. The second serious benefit is the number privacy that is offered by this Chat Program. Personally I never like to share my contact details with any stranger and in today’s world one needs to be extra cautious. Seller can chat and search for hundreds of potential buyers to get the best deal and vice versa without worries of any kind of personal detail sharing.
  1. While talking over phone again and again we tend to forget what we spoke the last time. This may sometimes lead to utter chaos or confusion. But with the chat you will have saved chat history where in you can refer every time when you forget.

Now moving on to the very serious benefits of this app.

  1. When you are in office attending that boring meetings and hour long discussion and you really don’t want to miss the call of the potential buyer who is interested in buying your antique coffee table, Quikr Nxt is their for rescue. You can chat without leaving the meeting room asking excuses every time, annoying your boss at the same time making your buyer happy by your prompt replies.
  1. You are out with your friends having fun at the café or even special you are at a dinner date. Definitely you would not like to miss any chance to impress your love. But those calls can come anytime disturbing the romantic environment. To avoid those calls Chat is the best remedy. While your love is busy ordering the food you can give a quick reply to the person who wants you to answer specific queries.
  1. While in a movie hall when you really don’t want to give that action sequence a miss and that calls come. You curse yourself, as you have to take that one. This app can definitely act as a savior. You can just text and type and while watching the favorite movie you and munching hot popcorns. Oh yes, you just became a multi-tasker.
  1. In that busy traffic while standing in a bus or metro, where if a call comes and you attend you cannot even hear and you have to shout at top of your voice amidst the honking of vehicles and every one near you hear your conversation. Don’t worry as Quikr Nxt is there.

So now don’t think for a second as now No Fikar Chat Quikr.

This post is part of Happy hours by Quikr Nxt and indiblogger.




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