India vs. Pakistan- Just a win!!!


I always felt cricket is an over-hyped sport in India and my belief only became stronger after seeing India vs Pakistan world cup match.

People getting up early in the morning on a lazy Sunday, Roads deserted, and then shouts and claps as you pass on a street. True, cricket is not only a game in India, it’s the whole life of Indians.

Irony is we won’t feel patriotic on Republic Day and Independence Day we start getting Goosebumps and patriotic feel only when there is India Pakistan Match.

No offence to the spirit of this game, but I want to ask a few questions through this post-

Why can’t Cricket be treated just like another game? Why that hatred or anger feeling develops whenever India wins against Pakistan?

After the match I saw very less update on Facebook praising the team spirit of both the teams more were jokes on the Pakistan team. I wonder, do we really accept that Pakistan didn’t play well?

At least I don’t agree to it. They did a great bowling. Our team was struggling in the last few overs. In the last five overs where a team can store the maximum we just score twenty seven runs with loss of more than 3 wickets. Had Virat Kohli not scored a ton or Raina and Kohli partnership would not have clicked was India batting line up strong enough to build a total of 300.

Some may answer saying that India has a good batting line up but then I will ask those people to look back in the recent games what India has played.

My point is not to prove India as not a good team, I know India is a strong team and like every other Indian I would also like that India bring back the cup to the country. What I pity is by sharing all the jokes like Pakistan sold all crackers on OLX, or making fun of the cricketers, we Indians are not acting sensible. Every player puts the best effort to make his team win, then why are we getting partial towards Pakistan? Why these jokes? Is it right way to show the patriotism towards the country?

Of course you will agree there are better ways than that.

I feel if we as common man stop creating this difference between India and Pakistan we can do the minimum to bring the spirit of change in the mind-sets of people. Why can’t we take it up just like a game? Today Ireland won against West-Indies. West-Indies set a massive score of 301 on board. Ireland scored 305. Now what will an Indian fan say? Ireland won by luck or West-Indies didn’t play well?

We all know every game has a result-one win and the other loses. Then take it up just like another match won.

Talking further, my other question is why only cricket, why not we show curiosity in any other sport? Hockey supposed to be the national game. How many of us know the player details of the team? I guess, the importance of the sport is just limited to the text books. Badminton, Kabaddi, Lawn tennis, wrestling etc. thousands of sport is there why always cricket comes in the lime light? Because of media, because of government funds, because of us the masses- who is to be blame? I feel every one of us.

Whether it is jinx or hard work I intensely feel you can respect any sport only when you start respecting other sports as well.

Love cricket but respect cricketers, Worship it but admire other sports as well. More than celebrating a win, celebrate the efforts and hard work of the team.

In the end I wish Indian cricket team all the best!!!

and to all the fans of cricket have great fun in watching each game.


6 thoughts on “India vs. Pakistan- Just a win!!!”

  1. Lemme try to answer to few of your questions..
    1. Why is the hatred? Are you serious? Whenever we play any sports we know some1 has to win and some1 has to lose (or may be a tie..ignore that case) and the teams are well prepared mentally to face the criticism..i dont think any player will be demotivated by criticism..every1 takes it sportively…people make comments about the opposition just for should be treated likewise.

    2. Of course pakistan didn’t play well, apart for last 5 overs of 1st innings..whats wrong in accepting that? Pakistan lost the match because they didn’t play as good as Indians.

    3. Same as 1.

    4. Common in anything luck plays a role. But that should not be blamed for the result. Of course WI didn’t bowl well and Ireland was better with their game than WI. Thats why they won.

    5. Which is your favorite color? Why only that? Why not any other color? Why this partiality towards other colors? Jokes apart, yes other sports should also be encouraged and facilities in other sports should also be improved but that doesn’t mean we should stop loving Cricket. You can’t force people to like other sports saying quota for following cricket is over..switch to other sports. I feel if the government and media focus a bit more on other sports, may be good amount of people will develop taste in those sports. I didn’t like football much earlier. But now wherever I go I hear about football and eventually I am developing taste in football. Hope you got my point.

    A bit too long for a comment. Anyways I was feeling bored. So thought to give my view as well πŸ™‚

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