My befikar wishlist

We all have worries (Fikar) in our life due to which we unwillingly have to choose the path, which we might not have chosen. We have responsibilities that we have to fulfill towards our family, our society and towards ourselves. And in all this we stop thinking about our dreams, our passion. I also have some dreams, which I want to fulfill and I really hope that someday I will complete them.

I wish one genie comes in my life and complete my bucket list. The top 5 wishes or dreams in my bucket list are-

  1. Shopping for whole day – what else could be an ideal way to spend a day when you have money and time? I would like to shop whole day with no restriction on spending. I would like to explore each shop in the town be it roadside shop or a big showroom. Be it clothes or shoes. Be it apparels or accessories. I would like to shop for a whole day without thinking twice on money or responsibilities.
  1. Beach Side Villa – It is my dream. This is the dream, which I have seen from childhood. In movies when there was a scene where background setup was villa I used to wonder if I could buy something like this. I want to buy one and decorate it myself. I want to design the interiors myself with every intricate details thought and implemented by me. I want to feel the fresh air, enjoy the magnificent sea, feel the soft sand of the beach, enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset and what more a writer wants, a serene atmosphere for fresh new thoughts.
  1. Solitaire – Diamonds are girl’s best friends. What could be an ideal gift for myself if not solitaire? I would like to pamper myself by buying one of the most beautiful solitaires for myself. I want to have solitaires of all colors and the finest quality, which can form part of my collection.
  1. World Tour – I would like to go on a world tour. I would like to explore all the continents – America (North and South America), Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and Antarctica. I read in the school that there are seven continents and I always used to wonder how these places would look like? Will these places be similar to India or different? From that time I wanted to see all the places. May be someday when I am freed of my responsibilities I would plan a world tour.
  1. Learn Baking – I love cooking. Though a small wish yet I want to learn professional baking. I always try something on my own by seeing the various videos on Internet and YouTube. They turned out to be successful but they always lack the wow look. I can join the classes now but somehow because of personal engagements I am not able to devote time towards this passion of mine. I really wish that one-day when I become good I would like to make baking as an alternate career for myself.

Though fulfill ing responsibilities makes you drift away from the things that you always wanted to do in your life but the urge to fulfill those dreams always remains there. One cannot bury it. It always unearths itself when you look back into your life and assess that is this I wanted to do in my life. Have I been able to fulfill my dreams with the things I am doing?

But hope always keeps you going. So I am hopeful too.

Just be Befikar Umar bhar!!!


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