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I look up to my Home, Sweet Home

Home is where our story begins.

True that, everyone finds comfort at his home, everyone feels like heaven when they see their loved ones. Often there are incidents in life where we feel let down, we loose confidence, we feel like nothing is going the right way and we really wish and pray for some miracle to happen. And then, suddenly an experience, a scene in front of our eyes give us that ray of hope, brings back the lost smile and make us rejuvenated.

Yes, in my life also I have experienced a lot of such incidents. The most recent one was at my office where I was experiencing a tough time. A feeling started coming to me that I am doing a thankless job. I also started feeling depressed. I used to get annoyed on small things and a pity matter used to give me stress. That few hours were really difficult in office. But then, I came home and I discussed my problems with my husband. He gave me the strength and the support. His simple words worked magic for me. I got my lost confidence back when he said that wait patiently, and you will get the reward. Somewhere, my heart believed his words and half of the tension fade away.

I also recollect one tad incident from my childhood. When for the first time my elder sister gave me the confidence to participate in an oratory competition. Yes, she was the one who gave me all the positivity and the confidence of ‘you can do it’. Fortunately, I was very optimistic because of the hope and wishes of my sister and to my luck I won the first prize and after that there was no stopping.

I also would like to share one more incident where I again believed that home is where the true happiness lies and family is where our heart lies. Two years before my mother was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder because of which her platelets count dropped. She became very weak and because of the heavy dose of steroids she was taking, she gained weight. More than her physical strength she lost her mental strength. She was depressed. Then my elder sister’s kid worked elixir for her. He was a new born then and seeing his toddler steps and baby activities brought back the lost charm of her life. She recovered very fast and now she loves sharing all his new activities whenever I call.

These were a few incidents that I liked to share I am sure each one os us at some or the other point of time have experienced something that is motivating, something really optimistic, something that gives a new meaning to life, something which shows us a completely new direction which we never thought off. Only thing is we should look at it and realize the importance of it. Even setting sun gives us a hope for a new day so we should rejoice every moment of life and never forget that inspiration and smile can be taken from anywhere from a small ant till a philosopher and guide.

Of course, my inspiration and my positive energy is my home and my family!!!

This post is for Indi-HappyHours from organized by Indiblogger


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