My Family, My hope

Helen Keller said – Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement nothing can be done without hope and confidence. True, and for me my family gives me the hope and confidence to move on when life throws challenges.

I remember the time when I was giving my engineering entrance exams. My first exam was IIT JEE and it did not go well. I was completely depressed and lost all my confidence. I was saddened and I thought I am a loser. I would not be able to make my career. Like any other kid, I was also disheartened because I thought I have not met my parent’s expectations. I was also afraid about my parent’s reaction after they will come to know about my performance in the exam.

When I came out of the examination center my father was waiting for me outside. He asked me how was the exam to which I replied it was OK. When I reached home my mother had prepared my favorite food. She asked me to freshen up while she was arranging the table.

At the lunch table I started crying. My parents were shocked to see me in this state. They wanted to know what happened all of a sudden. My mother hugged me and asked me to relax while my father asked to tell us the reason of my sadness. I told them the truth that my exam did not go well and even in the rarest possibility I will not get selected.

I was afraid that they might scold me but then they simply smiled. They said that it is not the only option in the life. If a door closes another will open only thing is we should immediately start walking towards the open door rather than waiting near the closed one. They gave me the confidence that this was not my last exam I have many more to give. I should work on my weakness and treat this test as a stepping stone to success. They asked me to relax and start fresh. They also explained that I should not loose confidence because of such small incidents. My father asked me to be tough and face the challenges with confidence and strength. He told me to be bold and chase my dreams. My mother explained that everyone gets opportunities, if you are optimistic enough you will be able to click that opportunity or else everything will seem to be falling like sand from your hands and then finally they gave me hope, “We are together with you in this journey.”

After those hopeful words and strength that my parents gave me I felt relaxed. I thought and promised to start afresh. I promised my parents that I will never let myself down in any difficult circumstances in life and I will try to fight and look for solutions rather than crying over the loss. The next day I again started preparing for another exam and worked on all my weakness with optimism. I had the hope what my parents, my family gave to me and by their wishes and the strength I was able to fare well in it and finally got admission into a reputed government college.

That was the most memorable day that I spent #together with my family, that day shaped my future.

This blogpost is written for ‘We are together in this journey’ campaign from


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