Bring the Change for a good life

“Life does not get better by Chance, It gets better by Change.”

These words are really apt. If we are daring enough to take a bold step and bring that change in our life it can give us the happiness and satisfaction. A change for good can bring back the lost confidence.

After my twelfth standard, I cleared the state level Engineering examination. Most of my friends and counselors told me to take IT or computer science and take admission in a reputed private college near to my house. At times, listening to them I was also tempted towards this. But then I wanted to do something different. I always wanted to get admission in a government college. The day when I went for the counseling I listened to my heart, I wanted my life to change, I wanted to come out of the protective shell which my parents always gave and above all I wanted to make my future on my own. Hence I chose for mechanical branch in the college of my choice (a government institute). When everyone heard about it, they exclaimed stating Mechanical is not a girl’s field. But my parents supported me in my decision and that doubled my confidence.

When I entered the college everything was new to me hostel life, subjects, friends, labs etc. I had neither taken a spanner in my hand nor do I had worked on a lathe machine but then I had too it was my choice and I wanted to bring the transformation. It was not so easy, sometimes there were incidents where I felt weak, sometimes I even doubted myself, sometimes I was confused about the future but ultimately I believed in the change and in myself.

My one decision to bring the change brought to me everything that I wanted. I was among the toppers of my batch, I was a proud student, I got selected in one of the top automobile industry and above all I was able to find myself. I got the confidence and from a reserved girl I became an extrovert, smart and confident person. I am altogether a different person now. This one change in my life has given me the confidence that now I can fight, I can fight for my dreams. No more I sit behind cursing my destiny or waiting for a chance. Today, I know that I can change the world and make the world according to my choice.

Bring the change and Be the change, #Start a new life- that’s all I have to say!!

This post is written for ‘Start A New Life’ campaign from


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