Aaj ka Nashta with Kelloggs Waale Guptaji ki Family

‘All Happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast, and above all a tasty, healthy breakfast.”

Not a single day pass when I don’t crib or cry for the breakfast be it cursing the canteen food at my office or preparing the breakfast on weekends. I always get confused what to cook, what not. Deciding on some particular dish becomes a nightmare especially when you are diet conscious and you have to keep a check on extra cheese and extra butter.To top it all I am bored with all those standard breakfast aloo paratha, Sandwiches, poha, idli.

And then I came across the wonderful and amazing Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ki Family. Its amazing that in this family no-one cries for breakfast. After all they know what to cook for a healthy yet lip-smackingly tasty diet. I would love to have breakfast with them.

The reasons why I would like to have breakfast with Guptaji’s Family are many but I will share some now –

1. The food cooked happily, taste the best. That smile on Guptaji’s wife itself makes the day.

2. Yes, I am conscious of my increasing calories and breakfast at Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji’s house is always healthy, oil free and tasty.

3. and now let me tell you what is the best reason to have breakfast there- I never thought with Kelloggs cornflakes they can make such tasty and variety of dishes.

At Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ki familyI get solution to all my Breakfast Blues. With such recipes like ‘Best Tiffin Wala Nashta’ which kid won’t like to take lunch box for school?

Such fun names- “Passing the Parcel Wala Nashta” and such quick recipes, isn’t it cool? What more can I ask for?

The best recipe which completely suit me is the “Nakhre Wala Nashta” which is the spicy poha made out of Kellogg’s Cornflakes. I like spicy, tangy food and I could never have known about this wonderful recipe had I not come across Guptaji’s Family.

The recipe I mentioned above are just a few will you believe if I say Guptaji’s family have over 100 mouth-watering recipes, to whip up a perfect breakfast. I really want to go to Guptaji’s Family for trying all of these.

Oh really, I just heard someone told me that Guptaji’s Family also have a perfect dessert breakfast-” The Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls”. Now I cannot wait a moment to have breakfast there. I mean everything that I wish for I can get with just one main ingredient the Kelloggs Corn Flakes.

I am dying to go to Kelloggs Waale Guptaji Ki Family not only to taste the creative breakfast recipes but also to learn a few of them. I completely understand now why every neighbour of Guptaji is asking for inviting them for breakfast.

And now I am rushing to Guptaji’s house for getting the breakfast. Let’s see what they have stored in for me today. By the way, are you joining??

This post is written for Kellogg’s India- anaaj ka nashta. Please visit the FB page for more.

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