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CouponsGrid a platform for frugal shopping online is actually a coupons portal where online customers make their shopping economical by getting discounts while shopping online. Online shopping is gaining traction and coupons websites are also witnessing high traffic as online shoppers search coupons to get some discount on their bills.

CouponsGrid is the portal with coupons of more than hundred leading and nascent online stores. It offers promo codes, deals and discount coupon codes in India to the shopaholics who can’t resist and also for those who leave no stone unturned to make the most of their every hard earned penny.

CouponsGrid - Coupons and Discount Deals

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The header of the website contains logo with a link to home page which makes it easier to reach home page from any of the internal page of the website with one click. On right hand side you find some small links leading to All Stores, Categories, Blog, and Tutorial about how to use coupons? Along with this you also find links to their social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

The most used element of CouponsGrid is ‘Search Bar’. You find it on header leading you to the coupon page of the store you want to shop from. For instance, you can easily reach ‘LimeRoad coupons’ by typing the name of the store and then selecting it from the suggestions press enter and you are done. Below search bar, you will find all these things again in different tabs.

Most Popular Stores - CouponsGrid


Body of the website starts with a subscription form where you need to enter your email ID and you will start receiving newsletters in your inbox. Newsletters contain intimation of latest offers and discounts on different stores to help you make the most of them before the time runs out and miss the offer. Below subscription form on left hand side you find a ‘Facebook plug-in’ displaying the website’s Facebook fans count. Here, you find your Facebook profile picture along with your friends who likes the page if you have also liked the Facebook page.

On right hand you find logos of leading online stores with link of the coupon page. On extreme left there is a sliding bar with tutorial of ‘How to use coupons?’ as well as on extreme right the sliding bar possess social media page links. The upfront of the website has all the things you would need on any coupons website.


Footer of the website includes all important links like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, and Terms of Use. These links help you to know the website more closely. You can find all you need to make your online shopping frugal at CouponsGrid.


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  1. Thanks for sharing..Coupons for online shopping are what the shoppers are mostly looking for.People try their level best to get enough discounts while buying anything.

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