Two Minutes- to cook, to eat and to read-Mera wala Maggi

To all Maggi lovers.

It’s really a heart breaking moment that our favourite two minutes instant noodles are instant enough to give us serious health hazards. But tell me frankly aren’t you trying to control yourself to make that last packet lying in your kitchen shelf, drool all again over the best hunger killer.

My relationship with Maggi dates back to my childhood sometimes in 90’s.For me, Maggi has been an emergency help. When you hate the canteen food and there is no other option to get food from outside. How can I or anyone like that break the relationship with the tasty instant noodles so soon?

Daily I see thousands of status, jokes, Media news on what was told, what could happen, the reactions, emotions etc. But people are we really serious? If something is wrong in the product are we sure we will not use it again? Are we sure that it is having some serious quality issues; Nestle still maintains that the product is safe? Are we really doing justice sharing such information when we ourselves know that we will be suing such products sometime or other? How does a Facebook share benefit? Are we making any sense? Because whatever information we have is through media, internet and other such channels. The information may be correct but 100% authenticity is nowhere guaranteed. We have enough examples to prove that.

Obviously, my trust is broken when the company like Nestle with tag line –‘Good food, Good life’ has not taken enough care. On a second thought I feel how many times controversies and issues have happened over food/ drinks. Instance, Coco-Cola was detected with pesticides, at one point of time burgers and fries of Mc. Donald’s and KFC were also considered unfit for health. But then that’s where management marketing strategy comes into picture. Brands do a quick recall and then an even quick product makeover and here it comes again. What more, the sales become better than before. I don’t deny the facts that they would have been tested and checked for quality. But again we are left over with the judgement of media or officials.

The point that I am trying to make is it is matter of time and time flies. I know everything will be fine in a matter of time. Soon in a month or two we will be getting our favourite dish back. How? That’s the question left to the makers and the officials. But one thing is sure we will be the only one then who will share our happy selfies with tasty Maggi.

Eagerly Waiting,

Another Maggi Lover!!


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