Surf With UC Browser

How often were you not able to see the most interesting cricket match because you were struck up in some urgent work? How you repent that you are now seeing a replay of an over which got goosebumps to many?

But here is the solution that you will never miss your favorite sport because you are in office or in some meeting.

UC Browser popularity speaks it for itself. With more than 100 million downloads in Android Store, UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers available in Google Play Store. High Speed and good compression technology is the key reason which makes it popular among the users.

UCWeb announcing the UC cricket plug-in for UC Web Browser will definitely bring the cheers among the cricket lovers. Live cricket updates and match highlights at a super fast speed is the single most important thing that any cricket fan will look forward to.

Cricket which is most popular sports in the country has a fan base running in millions. Now with access to cheaper smart phones and affordable internet packages users can now have cricket updates on the go. Whether they are at home, in office or travelling they can get the updates anytime anywhere.

Some of the features of the app are:

  1. Easy Access – The UC Cricket Plug-in is available on the home page of the UC Browser and can be accessed with single click. The user just needs to tap the icon and he will be in the world of cricket.
  2. Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-35-19User friendly Options – The user can view the live updates for the ongoing matches, results of already concluded matches and information about upcoming matches. The user can select the option such as Live, Result or Upcoming to view the details under each tab.
  3. Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-35-36Drilldown Option – To get further details on the match one can chose the live or recently concluded match and chose any of the below options:

a. Live Option – Under Live Option one can view the scorecard of the teams for both batting and bowling sides. If user needs the further details they can venture in the other tabs such as highlights, coverage and Discuss.

Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-36-30b. Highlights – under this tab ball by ball updates can be seen for each of the innings. This is like listening to live commentary.


c. Coverage – Under Coverage Tab cricket fans can view the previous matches history between the two teams along with the details like who was the winner and what was the win margin.


d. Discuss – If you cannot express your feelings then whole purpose of entertainment is lost. The Discuss feature is one of the most amazing options that allow fans to express their feelings and communicate with fellow cricket fans using comments. You can like or dislike the comments using thumbs up and thumbs down gestures. You can also share the live scores with your friends over Facebook along with the emotion emoticons.

Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-36-18  Screenshot_2015-07-08-16-30-24

4. Images and Videos – The cricket fans can view the amazing photos and videos to relive the amazing moments of the match.


5. Other Menu Options – Apart from these key features the app also provides various other options such as polls, questionnaire etc that can keep you hooked onto this app.


I believe this is a must have app/browser plug-in for all cricket lovers. Rush to download it and experience it yourself. So what more you want. Click, click and download before the next series starts.

This post is about UC Cricket and the UC browser. Download the browser from the link


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