TinyOwl a Food Fix Savior

illustration-of-woman-thinking-what-to-cook-vector-1083049Once upon a time, I dreamt of a lazy weekend;

A weekend in which I will dream, sleep,eat, no pretence.

I will be all on my own and I will enjoy the calmness;

A lazy lazy sunday how I love its fondness!!

I slept with this dream on a wild saturday night.

After full day shopping and partying at its height.

The Sunday morning I woke up late with Sun shining bright.

It was already noon, and hunger pangs were making me fright.

As a princess I behaved and I wanted to relax,

After all I wanted to enjoy the idle Sunday to the max!!

I picked up my phone and called the pizza shop,;

It rang on the other side while the mouse were jumping in my stomach non-stop.

Finally, I heard a voice but alas it was a call drop!!

How badly I cursed the network ,yet again I tried.

This time I was succesful, accomplished I felt pride.


Happiness is to dream of hot cheesy pizza, and stuffed garlic bread!!

Happiness is the sight of pizza delivery boy ringing your door bell!!

I thought of getting fresh while I have to wait for 30 minutes well.

I waited and waited- 20, 30, 45 but no one arrived,

I called and called;

but got vague response!

9701462-cartoon-of-pizza-running-delivery-boy-isolated-on-whiteIt was 1 hour 15 minutes by now;

the rats of my stomach had turned into springing cows!!

When 2 hours passed, I was sure my pizza delivery happiness will never turn real.

My idle Sunday was not going to be ideal!!

What shall I do? How badly I was missing home made food.

Blaming my stars, I started thinking what can I order next.

but the cows cannot wait for another vex.

I was in an absolute food fix!!!

My sunday will be a disaster may be someone would have predict.

and then,

I have to settle myself for a dosa from a shop next to my house.

The thing I never wanted to eat was a blessing indeed to stop the stomach’s mouse.

I ate and hogged but my princess dream was a flop!

No pizza, no cheese, only sambhar, coconut chutney to top.

How I thought I could be aladdin if not Jasmine.

At least I will get the Genie to make my dreams happen!!

Then I saw a poster above-

TinyOwl-LogoAn app named ‘TinyOwl’- with exciting offers.

I decided to make my smart phone smarter,

downloaded the app as soon as I reached my quarter.

The app had exciting offers and awesome features;

Simple and easy, fast procedure.

Click the app, enter the location;

mobile-appSearch the restaurant or even by dishes to avoid menu confusion.

Get hand picked dishes if you opt for search by dishes;

The app is indeed a Genie gives all the details;

Quantity, Servings, Reviews with Price of dishes;

Do a quick check out and enter the details.

Pay money and done, no more pain prevails!!

No call drops, no more disarray,

Download the app and find an easy way to all your food fixes!!

and you are ready to plan the next surprising, lazy Sunday.

Download the app now-Android & iOS

This post is part of Indiblogger & TinyOwl contest.

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