Pregnancy Diaries

How It started


I was thinking of writing this one from many days. Finally, today I have started-My experience of the beautiful (yet not so beautiful) “Pregnancy Days.”

Well, I plan to make this as a series of posts and like my every other post this post will be an honest and true description of my feelings. I think this may help all the expecting parents. It’s not a unique experience that only I am undergoing but it’s a distinctive experience for every expecting parent.

These days, it’s better to plan when as a couple you think of welcoming a third life in your lives. Thinking of expenditures, our liabilities, the probable support we need from friends and family and so on. But the irony of life is, no matter how much you plan you will always fail to be 100% accurate. Anyhow, like every other couple, for us also it started with planning not completely aware of what is going to be the future situation. But yes, we both me and my husband were mentally prepared that we want to invite the sweet, small and cute life.

Finally, the day came when the pregnancy test result showed positive. Neither my husband nor I was sure that our plans can become reality so soon. The feeling was mixed. We both were happy but more confused not because we did not want this but we were unsure and probably don’t know how to react. It took us few hours to digest the news. So no celebrations like the Bollywood movies. One month was already over by then. We informed the families and I started searching and reading more and more of pregnancy related articles. The anxiety and eagerness was taking toll over me. I was not feeling any change physically but psychologically I changed a lot. Life took a colossal turn from then.

I am one of the lucky people who have a doctor at home. My sister is a gynaecologist and I took all the advices from her. When she told me to visit the doctor after a month that is end of 6th week or so and I was like why, why not now? But then I have to follow the orders. I was too excited to get the feel of the life inside me. But frankly speaking initial days you wont even realize that something is there inside you.

Over all, I learned a lot from this one month. I became more matured and more responsible.


  1. Pregnancy is a blessing. No matter whether it is planned or unplanned, the parents must enjoy it.
  2. There will be a turmoil of emotions especially for the expecting mother, discuss everything openly about your feelings with your better half.
  3. Don’t stress and just be mentally prepared.
  4. Pregnancy is not a disease.
  5. Plans can fail but never allow your failures to dominate your future happiness. Welcome life as it comes.

Read the next part here- the first visit to Doctor


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