Pregnancy Diaries

The first visit to Doctor

Read on the first post here- How it started


I was apprehensive and nervous. I visited the doctor still unsure about how to frame the words. I had my doubts and a set of questions. She was nice. She checked the weight, BP and recommended some test that needs to be done in the first trimester.

The first list of test to be done were-

Haemoglobin,TLC/DLC, BG,FBS,Thyroid and a few more.

She also prescribed the early pregnancy ultrasound ( done at around 8 weeks) for checking the heartbeat and determining the life inside you (some lucky one can have double celebration- in case of twins).

I became more nervous when I heard of blood test not because I am afraid of injections but I never wanted any lacking vitamins or minerals in my body that could hamper the growth of the developing soul inside my body.

She told me some dos and don’ts as well. She advised about the diet and what can be the probable symptoms during the first trimester. She prescribed Folic Acid tablets which I was already taking, thanks to my sister.

Morning sickness is the first thing that anyone will tell when you are expecting. Feeling nausea, tired, fatigue is very common in the first three months. There can be back-ache as well. The most common recommendation is hot pack massage in case of ache or apply ointment like Volini or so on in case its more.

As far as the diet is concerned the expecting mother should become more careful about the diet for the nine months and afterwards as well.

  1. No Papaya and Pineapple
  2. No Chinese food
  3. No yummy cheesy burgers and pizzas
  4. No caffeinated Products (especially soft drink and limited coffee or tea intake)
  5. Avoid oily and deep fried food
  6. No Alcohol

Having said this, the list can vary from person to person. By listing a ‘NO’ I mean primarily to avoid. In case you cannot, the intake should be in very limited quantity.But after getting the instructions I really wonder whether I was eating too unhealthy or Pregnancy is something which means only having ‘ghar ka khana (home made food)‘.

In this entire episode one thing is sure people will start pouring suggestions like anything, and the list can increase endlessly if you listen to all the advises. Here I would like to make a point- don’t follow anything blindly. In case of confusions discuss with your doctor.

I went and gave the blood and other samples for the routine tests. The scan to check the foetal heartbeat was even more interesting. Early morning we both went to the hospital.

happy-pregnancyAs the scan started the doctor made us hear the baby’s heartbeat. It was a surround sound system and trust me the lub-dub sound that we heard was the best music I have ever heard in my life. We both could not stop laughing and that’s the moment when we actually realized yes we are going to be Mom and Dad!!!


  1. Trust your Doctor completely. Discuss all your queries and any issues or concerns with her.
  2. It is important to share all your past history and habits with the doctor.
  3. Don’t follow internet blindly. Neither act on all the advises. Ensure and then act. As they say “precaution is better than cure”
  4. Don’t panic in case of pain, nausea etc. and relate yourself to a case having similar symptoms as yours or different as well. Remember, all pregnancies are different.

Read on further- a post on feedback and suggestions from the world around you.

Disclaimer- This post speaks only about my experience. I have shared some knowledge that I gained which may or may not be relevant to the reader. Since it’s my experience it may be different from others. Request not to follow anything written here without Doctor’s consent.


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