Smart Drive- Goa

Goa, a state in the southern part of the country is a well-known tourist destination in India. Goa is popular not only among Indians as well as among the foreign tourists. The night life, casinos and the pristine beaches makes it a favorite destination for tourists. This is a perfect get away from the boredom of the daily life.

Any place gets popularity among the people because of many reasons. The reasons could be availability of perfect blend of history and the modern era,   place where you can seek peace as well as entertainment, get exhausted but feels rejuvenated. Some of the other important factors are safety for women and good connectivity of roads.

One of the most important reasons why Goa is popular among people is the good roads and the various means of transport which are available to tourists with ease. No other city in the country provides a rented bikes, cars and scooters to tourist at a very nominal price. The tourist can rent the vehicle and explore on their own without being dependent on taxis and cabs. This very idea of independence provided to tourists conforms to the belief of ‘Drive, Design and Connect’.


Driving in Goa is fun. Driving through the green coconut trees with cool breeze kissing your cheeks it’s always a nice experience. No wonder the preferred mode of transport for all tourists is rented vehicle rather than relying on cabs. The tourist can rent the vehicle of their choice and can keep it with them for their entire duration of stay in Goa by paying some marginal money and ID proof as security.

For enjoying this city the beat option is to own a vehicle which is stylish and geared up with all safety features. Goa is a place where everyone wants to flaunt be it dresses, places, or the vehicle one drives. The vehicle which is good in ride and handling is best suited for the up and down terrain.

Tata Zica is one such affordable option completely equipped with all the features like, ABS, air bags, good drivability and the eight speaker music system never let one loose the party tempo.


The city has been designed in such a way that tourist does not face any issues. Good roads, informative signboards and friendly locals help tourists to go around without any fear or inhibition. Before the tourist season starts the roads are repaired so that nobody faces any problem. With Goa Police always on the road to remove any congestion the traffic woes does not spoil the sentiments of the tourists.


All regions in Goa are well connected and people can travel to any place without thinking what to do if we are lost. Connection does not here only mean connection between the various regions; it also means people here are able to connect with the culture of goa by enjoying their local foods, drinks and culture.

No wonder because of all these reasons Tata Motors choses Goa as the destination for launching their new cars. In last 2 years this is the second car launch in Goa where they invited the bloggers to have an exclusive preview of their new car model ‘Zica’. I am sure the bloggers had a gala time in both the launches and learnt about the car features in one of the most exciting place of South India i.e. GOA.

Refer more details by following this link.



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