Book Review

Book Review- Bhima


Title- Bhima: The Man in the Shadows

Author- Vikas Singh


Genre- History

The Blurb- I am half-man, half-superhuman. I am the mightiest warrior of my time. I have violated my dharma and murdered a man in cold blood. I have, single-handed, wiped out a whole generation of my kinsmen. I have committed acts of unspeakable brutality on the battlefield. I have done it all for the love of one woman. A woman who loves my brother.

I am Bhima, the second Pandava. This is my story. Possessed of amazing strength, fierce loyalty and great tenderness, Bhima as a character is almost always eclipsed by Yudhishtira and Arjuna. In spite of his many virtues, he is destined to be remembered as all brawn and biceps. Now, in Vikas Singh’s retelling of the Mahabharata, India’s greatest epic is narrated through the eyes of a hero who has never got his due. A fascinating account of a fascinating character-his extraordinary courage, his obsessive love for Draupadi, his deeply conflicted emotions about his brother, Arjun-this stunning work, written in a racy, entertaining style, provides the definitive answer to the question- What was it like to be Bhima?

My View- This Book talks about one of the most strong character of Mahabharatha- Bhima, the second brother among Pandavas. Bhima’s character has been sketched as a super human with extra ordinary strength and qualities but at the same time a very emotional, sensitive human being.

The author has portrayed the story of Mahabharata through the yes of Bhima. His childhood, His Love, His avenge for his lady Love -beloved wife-Draupadi. One side of the book shows Bhima as a man who is strong and intelligent, on the other side it shows a vulnerable side of his where sometimes he feel jealous, he acts like a stupid lover or he behaves like a man who wants love.

The complete story tells us how Bhima was the untold hero in the great epic. How he was always put under shadows yet he never complained or questioned. Though he was disliked by most because of his huge built yet he was always there to help and he always cared.

Though I felt certain parts in the character of Bhima was exaggerated but overall book forms an interesting read, to know more about  Bhima and his powers.

About the Author– Vikas Singh is a self-confessed word addict, who obsessively reads anything that comes his way, be it an old newspaper or the label on a cough syrup bottle. An Army kid, he spent most of his early life moving from one place to another, with books being his only constant companion. A love-affair that is on even today, with the repertoire varying from military history to Larry Gonnick’s cartoon histories and non-fiction to pulp fiction.

He pursued a degree in History Honours from St. Stephen’s College and then did a post-graduate diploma in Marketing Management before embarking on a career in journalism. But plots and stories continued to fire his imagination. Now a senior journalist, Vikas lives in Delhi with his wife and daughter, who are equally enthralled by literature, in a house which seems to have more books than furniture. Having previously co-authored a brief, breezy history of knowledge, The Know of Things, with Derek O’Brien, Jug Suraiya and Bunny Suraiya, Bhima is Vikas’s second novel, after the successful cricket thriller The Big Fix.

Final Verdict- I would recommend this book to all those who are interested to learn about characters in Mahabharata.The people who are interested in reading the epic tale from a completely different perspective. Overall I give 3.5 out of 5.


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