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The World around You


Breaking the news to your friends and family is not so difficult. Obviously the congratulations and wishes will flow in abundance but what will come like a flood is the suggestions and feedback, past experiences and examples. Some are interesting, some are funny, some beneficial, some can even create panic but ultimately when you share them you will laugh or smile atleast, like I am doing right now while writing the post.

Some people asked me- which doctor, which hospital? thats pretty much an obvious question unless you are sure you have some recommendations.

Some will confuse you like so and so happened in my pregnancy why not you are feeling the same.

Some will comment on your weight gain/ or no gain.

Some on your dressing style.Some will start suggesting on your next apparaels purchase ( can be helpful though)

The best one is guessing whether you will have boy or girl. Why are people so interested in the same? In India its still a taboo. All I wanted was a healthy baby then why be I so bothered and calculative.

While in the first trimester you may feel nauseated, may get back ache, tiredness and frequent urination, common throughout the pregnancy. There are many psychological changes as well, for instance mood swings. In this mood swings dealing with the suggestions sometimes take a toll and you burst out.

I will categorize the advises and suggestions into two- Myth and Dadi Maa ke nuskhe ( grand mom’s procedures)

Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe-

  1. Drink plenty of water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices( even doctor recommend so)
  2. Drink Milk daily atleast two times a day
  3. Have Makhanas
  4. have a protein and calcium rich diet
  5. Fresh Fruit Juice is a must have


  1. Eating Coconut will make your baby fair
  2. The way your belly looks determines the sex of baby
  3. More Glow means a baby girl
  4. You have sweet cravings means a girl baby

You search on internet you will find a lot more. We had a LOL moment when I did so. People are so crazy with their own superstitious believe and this is not only the case in India its all over the world.

Anyways you can also have that fun moment as its also proven the more happy mother is the more healthy child be.

Enjoy your motherhood and the fun related.



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