Crowning Glory-Chapter 22

Life's Game- Read the previous part here   Cyrus could not dare to ask her anything. The fear, the Anger, the revenge was quite visible from her face. All on their way they spoke hardly anything except for the few lefts and rights for directions. Soon they arrived at their destination where Jenny would probably… Continue reading Crowning Glory-Chapter 22


Crowning Glory- Chapter 20

 Life's Game-read the previous part here Tara was calling Shekhar frantically. "Oh god, why the hell he is not picking the call", cried Tara. She was irritated to the core- 5 calls and 10 messages, that's what she had done in the last 30 minutes. "Shekhar, you are so careless. Damn it." she thought. She… Continue reading Crowning Glory- Chapter 20