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More Kind,Less Judgmental

  You called her Dark, and a fatso. You laughed at her stretch mark,  You refused to be her paparazzo. You said not to befriend her, at 35 she is single. You finish she is not a good company to mingle. You mocked her that day because she smokes, You even created a story which… Continue reading More Kind,Less Judgmental

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NO to Social Media

As I deliberately try, not to look at my phone for a while Not to check the status updates, Not to scroll the pics of someone’s visit to the States. Not to click a selfie for my next DP, Not to FOMO on an Insta fun spree. Oh! I so tried, a thing so difficult… Continue reading NO to Social Media

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The World around You

  Breaking the news to your friends and family is not so difficult. Obviously the congratulations and wishes will flow in abundance but what will come like a flood is the suggestions and feedback, past experiences and examples. Some are interesting, some are funny, some beneficial, some can even create panic but ultimately when you… Continue reading The World around You