Learn from a Child

Today is Children’s Day, but for many of us including me its just another day!!

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Morning, when I was making my Toddler all ready for children’s Day party some thoughts pondered over.

I thought its worth sharing. A few things which we can learn from a child.

  1. be fearless. You can try new experiences before you are fully prepared-

A child always take up the challenge. Kids don’t wait until someone suggests they are ready to remove the training wheels on their bike- they just hop on and see what happens. No one actually tells them that they have to take the first step they just hold, stand up and walk forward to reach their aim. On the contrary, one should be courageous enough to take challenges. In corporate, often we come across a situation where we have to provide a solution about an issue which we never expected or a situation which we have never faced. We focus more about the consequences rather than the solution.

  1. You don’t know everything. Don’t be shy and ask for help.

Often I see my little one trying hard to get something which is kept high up on the shelf. She tries hard, even stand on a chair but if she is not able to get it she asks for help. At that point she does not even shy away in asking a complete stranger for instance a domestic help or a guest at my place.

Similarly, in our work life we face some situations where we need support from our team member, a different team or a department. Sometimes we hesitate in asking but a simple ‘Please’ may save the time and stress in leaps and bounds.

  1. Scars are badges of honors.

All of us must have seen when a child gets hurt may be a scar after falling from a bicycle or getting hit by a ball while playing how proudly they show it to all. It’s not to gain sympathy but to show their strength. If a child breaks a bone, everyone they know will sign the cast. WE all have such scars on our body. Give a thought, have we stopped doing the task after we got hurt. Answer is a straightforward No. Infact we all have become perfectionist in those task now.

Then why are we afraid of failures now. We should learn from our mistakes more so because they are an early sign for us becoming a perfectionist.

  1. Be creative

Kids are most attracted towards creative projects-drawing, playing with clay, building a sandcastle with meticulous attention to detail. For some reason, as we get older, we stop seeing creative activities as worthwhile.

We should remember that Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. It helps us reduce stress and bring out the innovation and develops out of box thinking which is very much required in our field.

There are much more lessons to learn from the kids around us which all of us also exhibited when we were a kid.

So just keep the Little Child Alive in You!!!

On this note wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!


Happy just Another Day!!

They wished me “Happy Women’s Day!”

I asked, “Do you really care?”

They simply laughed at me as I passed their way, just to receive another stare.

I queried again, “What’s so special today?”

He was stunned as if I had said something rare.

He replied, “It’s your day, you should celebrate today.”

I enquired, “but what has changed today?”

Will there be no stare?

Will I get more respect and care?

Will I be appreciated before being judged?

Will someone stop my character getting smudged?

Will I be saved from the fear?

The fear I get all remaining days of the year.

He looked at me for another two minutes.

as I wished him, “Happy just another day!”, let’s talk business !!

Life-Yesterday & Today

I remember those days of childhood, when I used to watch the sky.

I felt like a bird then, which was soaring high.

Today when I see out, the sky is the same and so are the clouds

But I am no more a free bird to fly high throughout.

The wind blowing out calls me.

The fresh air asks me.

But I am captivated in this cold box,

where I am able to perceive but not able to talk.

The walls around me are transparent

But I am not able to see through them.

Huge cement trees surround me.

I feel I am caged and I have nowhere to flee.

The complete day I feel like a robot,

Working on keys that can’t open the doors,

the doors of my independence and my liberated mind.

The World around You


Breaking the news to your friends and family is not so difficult. Obviously the congratulations and wishes will flow in abundance but what will come like a flood is the suggestions and feedback, past experiences and examples. Some are interesting, some are funny, some beneficial, some can even create panic but ultimately when you share them you will laugh or smile atleast, like I am doing right now while writing the post.

Some people asked me- which doctor, which hospital? thats pretty much an obvious question unless you are sure you have some recommendations.

Some will confuse you like so and so happened in my pregnancy why not you are feeling the same.

Some will comment on your weight gain/ or no gain.

Some on your dressing style.Some will start suggesting on your next apparaels purchase ( can be helpful though)

The best one is guessing whether you will have boy or girl. Why are people so interested in the same? In India its still a taboo. All I wanted was a healthy baby then why be I so bothered and calculative.

While in the first trimester you may feel nauseated, may get back ache, tiredness and frequent urination, common throughout the pregnancy. There are many psychological changes as well, for instance mood swings. In this mood swings dealing with the suggestions sometimes take a toll and you burst out.

I will categorize the advises and suggestions into two- Myth and Dadi Maa ke nuskhe ( grand mom’s procedures)

Dadi Maa ke Nuskhe-

  1. Drink plenty of water, coconut water, fresh fruit juices( even doctor recommend so)
  2. Drink Milk daily atleast two times a day
  3. Have Makhanas
  4. have a protein and calcium rich diet
  5. Fresh Fruit Juice is a must have


  1. Eating Coconut will make your baby fair
  2. The way your belly looks determines the sex of baby
  3. More Glow means a baby girl
  4. You have sweet cravings means a girl baby

You search on internet you will find a lot more. We had a LOL moment when I did so. People are so crazy with their own superstitious believe and this is not only the case in India its all over the world.

Anyways you can also have that fun moment as its also proven the more happy mother is the more healthy child be.

Enjoy your motherhood and the fun related.


Smart Drive- Goa

Goa, a state in the southern part of the country is a well-known tourist destination in India. Goa is popular not only among Indians as well as among the foreign tourists. The night life, casinos and the pristine beaches makes it a favorite destination for tourists. This is a perfect get away from the boredom of the daily life.

Any place gets popularity among the people because of many reasons. The reasons could be availability of perfect blend of history and the modern era,   place where you can seek peace as well as entertainment, get exhausted but feels rejuvenated. Some of the other important factors are safety for women and good connectivity of roads.

One of the most important reasons why Goa is popular among people is the good roads and the various means of transport which are available to tourists with ease. No other city in the country provides a rented bikes, cars and scooters to tourist at a very nominal price. The tourist can rent the vehicle and explore on their own without being dependent on taxis and cabs. This very idea of independence provided to tourists conforms to the belief of ‘Drive, Design and Connect’.


Driving in Goa is fun. Driving through the green coconut trees with cool breeze kissing your cheeks it’s always a nice experience. No wonder the preferred mode of transport for all tourists is rented vehicle rather than relying on cabs. The tourist can rent the vehicle of their choice and can keep it with them for their entire duration of stay in Goa by paying some marginal money and ID proof as security.

For enjoying this city the beat option is to own a vehicle which is stylish and geared up with all safety features. Goa is a place where everyone wants to flaunt be it dresses, places, or the vehicle one drives. The vehicle which is good in ride and handling is best suited for the up and down terrain.

Tata Zica is one such affordable option completely equipped with all the features like, ABS, air bags, good drivability and the eight speaker music system never let one loose the party tempo.


The city has been designed in such a way that tourist does not face any issues. Good roads, informative signboards and friendly locals help tourists to go around without any fear or inhibition. Before the tourist season starts the roads are repaired so that nobody faces any problem. With Goa Police always on the road to remove any congestion the traffic woes does not spoil the sentiments of the tourists.


All regions in Goa are well connected and people can travel to any place without thinking what to do if we are lost. Connection does not here only mean connection between the various regions; it also means people here are able to connect with the culture of goa by enjoying their local foods, drinks and culture.

No wonder because of all these reasons Tata Motors choses Goa as the destination for launching their new cars. In last 2 years this is the second car launch in Goa where they invited the bloggers to have an exclusive preview of their new car model ‘Zica’. I am sure the bloggers had a gala time in both the launches and learnt about the car features in one of the most exciting place of South India i.e. GOA.

Refer more details by following this link.



TinyOwl a Food Fix Savior

illustration-of-woman-thinking-what-to-cook-vector-1083049Once upon a time, I dreamt of a lazy weekend;

A weekend in which I will dream, sleep,eat, no pretence.

I will be all on my own and I will enjoy the calmness;

A lazy lazy sunday how I love its fondness!!

I slept with this dream on a wild saturday night.

After full day shopping and partying at its height.

The Sunday morning I woke up late with Sun shining bright.

It was already noon, and hunger pangs were making me fright.

As a princess I behaved and I wanted to relax,

After all I wanted to enjoy the idle Sunday to the max!!

I picked up my phone and called the pizza shop,;

It rang on the other side while the mouse were jumping in my stomach non-stop.

Finally, I heard a voice but alas it was a call drop!!

How badly I cursed the network ,yet again I tried.

This time I was succesful, accomplished I felt pride.


Happiness is to dream of hot cheesy pizza, and stuffed garlic bread!!

Happiness is the sight of pizza delivery boy ringing your door bell!!

I thought of getting fresh while I have to wait for 30 minutes well.

I waited and waited- 20, 30, 45 but no one arrived,

I called and called;

but got vague response!

9701462-cartoon-of-pizza-running-delivery-boy-isolated-on-whiteIt was 1 hour 15 minutes by now;

the rats of my stomach had turned into springing cows!!

When 2 hours passed, I was sure my pizza delivery happiness will never turn real.

My idle Sunday was not going to be ideal!!

What shall I do? How badly I was missing home made food.

Blaming my stars, I started thinking what can I order next.

but the cows cannot wait for another vex.

I was in an absolute food fix!!!

My sunday will be a disaster may be someone would have predict.

and then,

I have to settle myself for a dosa from a shop next to my house.

The thing I never wanted to eat was a blessing indeed to stop the stomach’s mouse.

I ate and hogged but my princess dream was a flop!

No pizza, no cheese, only sambhar, coconut chutney to top.

How I thought I could be aladdin if not Jasmine.

At least I will get the Genie to make my dreams happen!!

Then I saw a poster above-

TinyOwl-LogoAn app named ‘TinyOwl’- with exciting offers.

I decided to make my smart phone smarter,

downloaded the app as soon as I reached my quarter.

The app had exciting offers and awesome features;

Simple and easy, fast procedure.

Click the app, enter the location;

mobile-appSearch the restaurant or even by dishes to avoid menu confusion.

Get hand picked dishes if you opt for search by dishes;

The app is indeed a Genie gives all the details;

Quantity, Servings, Reviews with Price of dishes;

Do a quick check out and enter the details.

Pay money and done, no more pain prevails!!

No call drops, no more disarray,

Download the app and find an easy way to all your food fixes!!

and you are ready to plan the next surprising, lazy Sunday.

Download the app now-Android & iOS

This post is part of Indiblogger & TinyOwl contest.

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Surf With UC Browser

How often were you not able to see the most interesting cricket match because you were struck up in some urgent work? How you repent that you are now seeing a replay of an over which got goosebumps to many?

But here is the solution that you will never miss your favorite sport because you are in office or in some meeting.

UC Browser popularity speaks it for itself. With more than 100 million downloads in Android Store, UC Browser is one of the most popular browsers available in Google Play Store. High Speed and good compression technology is the key reason which makes it popular among the users.

UCWeb announcing the UC cricket plug-in for UC Web Browser will definitely bring the cheers among the cricket lovers. Live cricket updates and match highlights at a super fast speed is the single most important thing that any cricket fan will look forward to.

Cricket which is most popular sports in the country has a fan base running in millions. Now with access to cheaper smart phones and affordable internet packages users can now have cricket updates on the go. Whether they are at home, in office or travelling they can get the updates anytime anywhere.

Some of the features of the app are:

  1. Easy Access – The UC Cricket Plug-in is available on the home page of the UC Browser and can be accessed with single click. The user just needs to tap the icon and he will be in the world of cricket.
  2. Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-35-19User friendly Options – The user can view the live updates for the ongoing matches, results of already concluded matches and information about upcoming matches. The user can select the option such as Live, Result or Upcoming to view the details under each tab.
  3. Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-35-36Drilldown Option – To get further details on the match one can chose the live or recently concluded match and chose any of the below options:

a. Live Option – Under Live Option one can view the scorecard of the teams for both batting and bowling sides. If user needs the further details they can venture in the other tabs such as highlights, coverage and Discuss.

Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-36-30b. Highlights – under this tab ball by ball updates can be seen for each of the innings. This is like listening to live commentary.


c. Coverage – Under Coverage Tab cricket fans can view the previous matches history between the two teams along with the details like who was the winner and what was the win margin.


d. Discuss – If you cannot express your feelings then whole purpose of entertainment is lost. The Discuss feature is one of the most amazing options that allow fans to express their feelings and communicate with fellow cricket fans using comments. You can like or dislike the comments using thumbs up and thumbs down gestures. You can also share the live scores with your friends over Facebook along with the emotion emoticons.

Screenshot_2015-07-08-13-36-18  Screenshot_2015-07-08-16-30-24

4. Images and Videos – The cricket fans can view the amazing photos and videos to relive the amazing moments of the match.


5. Other Menu Options – Apart from these key features the app also provides various other options such as polls, questionnaire etc that can keep you hooked onto this app.


I believe this is a must have app/browser plug-in for all cricket lovers. Rush to download it and experience it yourself. So what more you want. Click, click and download before the next series starts.

This post is about UC Cricket and the UC browser. Download the browser from the link http://www.ucweb.com/