Two Minutes- to cook, to eat and to read-Mera wala Maggi

To all Maggi lovers.

It’s really a heart breaking moment that our favourite two minutes instant noodles are instant enough to give us serious health hazards. But tell me frankly aren’t you trying to control yourself to make that last packet lying in your kitchen shelf, drool all again over the best hunger killer.

My relationship with Maggi dates back to my childhood sometimes in 90’s.For me, Maggi has been an emergency help. When you hate the canteen food and there is no other option to get food from outside. How can I or anyone like that break the relationship with the tasty instant noodles so soon?

Daily I see thousands of status, jokes, Media news on what was told, what could happen, the reactions, emotions etc. But people are we really serious? If something is wrong in the product are we sure we will not use it again? Are we sure that it is having some serious quality issues; Nestle still maintains that the product is safe? Are we really doing justice sharing such information when we ourselves know that we will be suing such products sometime or other? How does a Facebook share benefit? Are we making any sense? Because whatever information we have is through media, internet and other such channels. The information may be correct but 100% authenticity is nowhere guaranteed. We have enough examples to prove that.

Obviously, my trust is broken when the company like Nestle with tag line –‘Good food, Good life’ has not taken enough care. On a second thought I feel how many times controversies and issues have happened over food/ drinks. Instance, Coco-Cola was detected with pesticides, at one point of time burgers and fries of Mc. Donald’s and KFC were also considered unfit for health. But then that’s where management marketing strategy comes into picture. Brands do a quick recall and then an even quick product makeover and here it comes again. What more, the sales become better than before. I don’t deny the facts that they would have been tested and checked for quality. But again we are left over with the judgement of media or officials.

The point that I am trying to make is it is matter of time and time flies. I know everything will be fine in a matter of time. Soon in a month or two we will be getting our favourite dish back. How? That’s the question left to the makers and the officials. But one thing is sure we will be the only one then who will share our happy selfies with tasty Maggi.

Eagerly Waiting,

Another Maggi Lover!!


I look up to my Home, Sweet Home

Home is where our story begins.

True that, everyone finds comfort at his home, everyone feels like heaven when they see their loved ones. Often there are incidents in life where we feel let down, we loose confidence, we feel like nothing is going the right way and we really wish and pray for some miracle to happen. And then, suddenly an experience, a scene in front of our eyes give us that ray of hope, brings back the lost smile and make us rejuvenated.

Yes, in my life also I have experienced a lot of such incidents. The most recent one was at my office where I was experiencing a tough time. A feeling started coming to me that I am doing a thankless job. I also started feeling depressed. I used to get annoyed on small things and a pity matter used to give me stress. That few hours were really difficult in office. But then, I came home and I discussed my problems with my husband. He gave me the strength and the support. His simple words worked magic for me. I got my lost confidence back when he said that wait patiently, and you will get the reward. Somewhere, my heart believed his words and half of the tension fade away.

I also recollect one tad incident from my childhood. When for the first time my elder sister gave me the confidence to participate in an oratory competition. Yes, she was the one who gave me all the positivity and the confidence of ‘you can do it’. Fortunately, I was very optimistic because of the hope and wishes of my sister and to my luck I won the first prize and after that there was no stopping.

I also would like to share one more incident where I again believed that home is where the true happiness lies and family is where our heart lies. Two years before my mother was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder because of which her platelets count dropped. She became very weak and because of the heavy dose of steroids she was taking, she gained weight. More than her physical strength she lost her mental strength. She was depressed. Then my elder sister’s kid worked elixir for her. He was a new born then and seeing his toddler steps and baby activities brought back the lost charm of her life. She recovered very fast and now she loves sharing all his new activities whenever I call.

These were a few incidents that I liked to share I am sure each one os us at some or the other point of time have experienced something that is motivating, something really optimistic, something that gives a new meaning to life, something which shows us a completely new direction which we never thought off. Only thing is we should look at it and realize the importance of it. Even setting sun gives us a hope for a new day so we should rejoice every moment of life and never forget that inspiration and smile can be taken from anywhere from a small ant till a philosopher and guide.

Of course, my inspiration and my positive energy is my home and my family!!!

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India vs. Pakistan- Just a win!!!


I always felt cricket is an over-hyped sport in India and my belief only became stronger after seeing India vs Pakistan world cup match.

People getting up early in the morning on a lazy Sunday, Roads deserted, and then shouts and claps as you pass on a street. True, cricket is not only a game in India, it’s the whole life of Indians.

Irony is we won’t feel patriotic on Republic Day and Independence Day we start getting Goosebumps and patriotic feel only when there is India Pakistan Match.

No offence to the spirit of this game, but I want to ask a few questions through this post-

Why can’t Cricket be treated just like another game? Why that hatred or anger feeling develops whenever India wins against Pakistan?

After the match I saw very less update on Facebook praising the team spirit of both the teams more were jokes on the Pakistan team. I wonder, do we really accept that Pakistan didn’t play well?

At least I don’t agree to it. They did a great bowling. Our team was struggling in the last few overs. In the last five overs where a team can store the maximum we just score twenty seven runs with loss of more than 3 wickets. Had Virat Kohli not scored a ton or Raina and Kohli partnership would not have clicked was India batting line up strong enough to build a total of 300.

Some may answer saying that India has a good batting line up but then I will ask those people to look back in the recent games what India has played.

My point is not to prove India as not a good team, I know India is a strong team and like every other Indian I would also like that India bring back the cup to the country. What I pity is by sharing all the jokes like Pakistan sold all crackers on OLX, or making fun of the cricketers, we Indians are not acting sensible. Every player puts the best effort to make his team win, then why are we getting partial towards Pakistan? Why these jokes? Is it right way to show the patriotism towards the country?

Of course you will agree there are better ways than that.

I feel if we as common man stop creating this difference between India and Pakistan we can do the minimum to bring the spirit of change in the mind-sets of people. Why can’t we take it up just like a game? Today Ireland won against West-Indies. West-Indies set a massive score of 301 on board. Ireland scored 305. Now what will an Indian fan say? Ireland won by luck or West-Indies didn’t play well?

We all know every game has a result-one win and the other loses. Then take it up just like another match won.

Talking further, my other question is why only cricket, why not we show curiosity in any other sport? Hockey supposed to be the national game. How many of us know the player details of the team? I guess, the importance of the sport is just limited to the text books. Badminton, Kabaddi, Lawn tennis, wrestling etc. thousands of sport is there why always cricket comes in the lime light? Because of media, because of government funds, because of us the masses- who is to be blame? I feel every one of us.

Whether it is jinx or hard work I intensely feel you can respect any sport only when you start respecting other sports as well.

Love cricket but respect cricketers, Worship it but admire other sports as well. More than celebrating a win, celebrate the efforts and hard work of the team.

In the end I wish Indian cricket team all the best!!!

and to all the fans of cricket have great fun in watching each game.

Quikr Nxt-the new way to sell while you chat

Well Folks, by now every one of us must have bought or sold something on Quikr. The complete experience on Quikr is amazing. And Quikr once again has amazed their customers by introducing a new app called Quikr Nxt. Yes now we can buy and sell and get amazing deals neither by making a call nor by spending a penny by chatting from your smart phones.

Without wasting much of time I am going to focus now on some serious benefits of this app cum chat.

  1. While buying any products the buyer first want to see how it looks, whether the product is usable, fine and not physically damaged. With the launch of Quikr Nxt chat app a seller can send ‘n’ numbers of photographs and thus there is more satisfaction while negotiating on the deal.
  1. The second serious benefit is the number privacy that is offered by this Chat Program. Personally I never like to share my contact details with any stranger and in today’s world one needs to be extra cautious. Seller can chat and search for hundreds of potential buyers to get the best deal and vice versa without worries of any kind of personal detail sharing.
  1. While talking over phone again and again we tend to forget what we spoke the last time. This may sometimes lead to utter chaos or confusion. But with the chat you will have saved chat history where in you can refer every time when you forget.

Now moving on to the very serious benefits of this app.

  1. When you are in office attending that boring meetings and hour long discussion and you really don’t want to miss the call of the potential buyer who is interested in buying your antique coffee table, Quikr Nxt is their for rescue. You can chat without leaving the meeting room asking excuses every time, annoying your boss at the same time making your buyer happy by your prompt replies.
  1. You are out with your friends having fun at the café or even special you are at a dinner date. Definitely you would not like to miss any chance to impress your love. But those calls can come anytime disturbing the romantic environment. To avoid those calls Chat is the best remedy. While your love is busy ordering the food you can give a quick reply to the person who wants you to answer specific queries.
  1. While in a movie hall when you really don’t want to give that action sequence a miss and that calls come. You curse yourself, as you have to take that one. This app can definitely act as a savior. You can just text and type and while watching the favorite movie you and munching hot popcorns. Oh yes, you just became a multi-tasker.
  1. In that busy traffic while standing in a bus or metro, where if a call comes and you attend you cannot even hear and you have to shout at top of your voice amidst the honking of vehicles and every one near you hear your conversation. Don’t worry as Quikr Nxt is there.

So now don’t think for a second as now No Fikar Chat Quikr.

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My view on PK

Off late I have been seeing many people criticising the movie PK, stating that the film makes fun of Hindu religion, that it has disrespected Hinduism. My question to those critics is – What is Religion?
According to me Religion is something which just gives us faith, a trust on someone who we can believe. It gives us a hope and a ray of optimism.
Frankly, PK movie outwardly opens up a question on the society that do we really need to sacrifice so many things because GOD has asked us? or are we doing it because we want this to happen, because we believe that if we do such sacrifices God will grant us our wish.
I agree majority of the plot moves around Hindu culture but at the same time I do agree that it’s not about God it’s about some fake gurus who introduce themselves as messenger of God, its about superstitious beliefs of society.
Having said this I don’t say I am an atheist, I do believe in God and I love my culture but I am mature enough to understand the true message of the movie.
With this post, I just want to question the critics and also enlighten some of the readers who in their mind have created an impression about the movie.
While driving on road, one fine day I saw a stone embedded at the connecting point of a by-lane to the main road which resembles a bit like Lord Ganesha and some flowers on it. Masses cannot take their vehicles from that turn and nobody dares to remove that pious stone also. It’s placed at such a position, that if in midnight a vehicle comes and hit that stone because there is no visible neon marking near it, it will turn into a major accident. Is this what God tells us to do? And I am sure you won’t deny if I say you all must have experienced something similar.
Leave this, my question to all is if we are criticising movies like PK why not we raise our voice against the following-
1. When our Bollywood movies gives a message that there is Yes in every NO, if you propose a girl.
2. When Heroines are used to add glamour quotient in the movie.
3. When a rowdy hero flirts with a homely girl and the girl falls for him
4. When media raises unnecessary questions on a rape incident and our ministers speak irrelevant on the same.
5. When our daily soaps preaches a message of family fights to such an extent that people murder their own mothers, brothers and sisters.
6. When a hero or a heroine gets married a thousand times in a daily soap.
7. When the daily soaps shows and promote child abuses.
and many such violations of Indian society and Indian culture.
My only message is its high time we start thinking beyond Religion, there are much important topics against which we can raise our voices. It’s time for us to think better and think big.
Coming back to the movie, with 80% of the people following Hinduism in our country if the story talks about Hindu culture nothing wrong in it. Secondly, as said any publicity is good publicity if we write even wrong about anything people have tendency to know about it more. Thirdly, grow up; actor is just a face of the movie, the story writer and the director is the creator of the movie and last but not least, please take and accept entertainment the way it is meant to be.
Respect all Religion and have faith in God.

Fear-Face it or Forget it

You can do any of the two things to fight with your FEAR either forget it or face it. Each one of us have different fear some fear darkness, some insects, some death.
From my childhood I had fear of various things, but my greatest fear was to stay alone. Whenever my parents use to go out for some work leaving my sister and me alone at home I used to cry, cry like a baby. I used to give different excuses to my mom and dad as soon as I come to know about they going somewhere.  I got various scolding, my father used to counsel me. Every time I used to promise him that I will stay calm and I will be bold, I will not repeat the same again. In short, I used to forget my Fear but then the story remained the same because I was running away from it.
As I grew up and the day came when I have to leave for college. My college was quite far from my native and hence has to stay in hostel. And then came a reality check about my greatest fear so far- how will I stay away from my parents my family?
My parents told me just one thing- Its your choice, Its your life decide yourself you want to rise in it or you want to let a fiction ruin it. And I realized that till now I was trying to overcome my fear I was running away and everytime it was becoming huge like a monster. Then I decided to face it. I faced it and rose up in my life.
Today, I am away from my house for last nine years, its not something which I am happy about, I miss my family dearly but yes I am proud to say that I have overcome my fear. I don’t feel frightened to stay alone now, I have grown up strong as a person and that monster has gone away I really don’t know where.
Having said this I would also like to say fear is something, which I believe is self created by our weaker self. Its up to us how much we allow it to grow in us. But the fact remains the same the only way to get rid of this is to face it.
Over the period, I have overcome various other fears be it my stage fear which went away when I decided to participate in a group dance on annual day of my school. The fear of exams, the fear of darkness, the fear of heights, the fear of expectations, yes I have overcome most of them.
As it is said Life moves on and I believe that these hurdles created by FEAR should not be the stopping stones but the stepping-stones towards success.
After all, fear is to be faced and fought for. What say???
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