A unique Friendship

Ok, so here I start again. The thing I missed the most- writing. Phew!!!

Lot of my friends asked me whether I will blog again or I have dropped the idea. I used to tell them I would once I get time to rewind and relax.

Today after 6 long months of maternity break I am almost back to my old routine and the topic I chose to write today is related to Friendship and dedicated to a special group of people who I made friends during the beautiful phase of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is not really easy and the more difficult part is parenting. Its the phase in which you have all the apprehensions and doubts, silly questions in your mind, fear, excitement and dilemma surrounding day in and day out and to solve all this who can be your best companion? Of course, your better half, your family are the biggest support. But I consider myself  lucky to be part of a group with six other beautiful ladies who were also passing through the same phase.

A different experience altogether. A unique group which started on whatsapp with a mere intention of solving queries on medicals , doctors and scans related during pregnancy has now evolved in sharing joys, happiness, celebrations, complaints and problems.

We are seven ladies who became “Lucky Moms” (As the group name goes)all in Dec or Jan or early Feb. We discuss everything from babies to recipes to dresses to movies to interiors and decor. Thanks to Whatsapp .

I used to feel how digital our life has become but besides several disadvantages this one is a blessing because I always have six people around me to share and resolve my queries, with whom I share my happiness when my kid completes a month or I buy a new dress for her. Who I know will appreciate to my first attempt of cooking a dish, will support me in prayers and wishes if I ever have a problem, who have helped me in finding day care and nanny services and the list is never ending.A group who inspired each of us through their different life experiences. The beauty of the group doesn’t end here. We are diverse from South to North, from different cultural and religious background, we celebrate everything from monthly birthdays to anniversaries to festivals from Eid and Diwali to Christmas. This group has become like an extended family to me.

The 7 gorgeous ladies Gomz, Sumi, Shanu, Omi, Wasi , Ash and of course me would have never met otherwise if our kids would not have  been there. So Thanks to all little munchkins who unknowingly connected us into this beautiful bond which we all want to continue lifelong.

I always liked the idea of having a pen friend. It is working out now for me, as till date we have never met in person but we are planning to meet soon.

Thanks to all you people, that I never felt alone in any of my experiences of motherhood. I know where to turn when I am confused if my little one is cranky or if I have to try a new recipe on a free day. You people have added a unique unforgettable lifetime experience in my journey of becoming a mother and yes we are and we will be friends for lifetime.

Cheers to this new, unique friendship and Cheers to motherhood!!!

Like someone rightly said-“Good friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but you know they are always there!”


Book Review- Soulmates: Love Without Ownership


Title- Soulmates : Love Without Ownership

Author- Vinit K. Bansal

Publisher-Red Ink Publishers

Genre- Fiction, Romance

The Blurb- We all know that love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. But what if it becomes an obsession?

It can be fatal.

This is a story of love, friendship, passion, obsession and sacrifice. A story that seeks to find out the real meaning of love. A story describing the purest form of love.

Neel Aditi Ranadeep Ria Neel

Neel is a simple small town middle class boy who comes to a new city for studies. On his very first night in the city, when he saves Ranadeeps life, he realizes his life is about to change. But he had no idea that it would lead him to a path from where there would be no turning back. Neel and Ranadeeps friendship cements beyond the conventional measures and they are inseparable and like a family. Neel eventually meets Aditi, his beautiful, simple and dainty new classmate and there is love at first site. Life for Neel, Aditi and Ranadeep is perfect till the day Ranadeep meets Ria and falls obsessively for her. While Ranadeep is frighteningly obsessive about Ria, the suave Ria has her heart set on Neel. Things begin to get complicated and then suddenly something drastic happens.

Neel is put behind bars on charges of Rias murder.
Will Neel be able to convince his innocence to Aditi and Ranadeep?
Will Ranadeep ever be able to forgive Neel for snatching away his love?
How far can Aditi go to save the life of her love from the grips of destiny?
Can there be a love without ownership?
Find out what happens when love has to pay its price.

My View- The plot is fresh. The story moves in flashback. A kind of suspense is created in the very beginning to which the reader gets attached and feels like not leaving the story in between. In that way the novel is gripping.

The author has done a great job in weaving a love story around a young plot. The story is all about love. How far can one go in true love?

Neel is a simple guy who due to destiny or by coincidence become friends with Ranadeep, an influential person in the college. There is no one in the college who doesn’t know about Ranadeep. They become like brothers. Neel falls in love with Aditi, his classmate. Everything is going happy in the life of this trio until Ria enters and Ranadeep falls for her. But destiny has something else in making and Neel is found guilty for Ria’s murder.

Read on the story to find out what will Ranadeep do when he will find that his best friend has killed his lady love. Will he be able to forgive him? Is Neel really the murderer? What will Aditi do to save Neel’s life?Will Neel and Aditi ever come together? What will happen to Ranadeep then?

Author has done a great job in keeping the characters together, but only thing is somewhere I feel the story is somewhat like a movie. The language is simple and the characters sketch are apt.

About the Author– Vinit K. Bansal began his journey as a poet and soon, he graduated as prolific author and editor of national repute.

His first novel ‘I am Heartless’ created a sensation in the Indian writing industry and is widely considered as one of the top ten Indian romantic novels that redefined romance. His anthology series ‘Uff Ye Emotions’ has been the synonym of success in the segment since the past couple of years. Versatility remains the key factor in Vinits writing and has helped him create a niche for himself as a writer in both, Hindi and English language in fiction as well as in the non-fiction segment. Other than writing, he is a creative consultant and a motivational speaker as well, often conducting regular sessions on motivation and personality development in different academic institutes of India.

Final Verdict- I would recommend this book to all who loves to read romance and action packed together. Overall I give 3.5 out of 5.