Bring the Change for a good life

"Life does not get better by Chance, It gets better by Change." These words are really apt. If we are daring enough to take a bold step and bring that change in our life it can give us the happiness and satisfaction. A change for good can bring back the lost confidence. After my twelfth… Continue reading Bring the Change for a good life

Book Review

Book Review- F?@K Knows

Title- F?@K KNOWS Author- Shailendra Singh Publisher- Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd Genre- Non Fiction   About the book- The book answers some tough questions about your life in a simple and candid way. It is a self-help book written in a very informal tone and unique style which takes your attention through its cover page… Continue reading Book Review- F?@K Knows


What will happen if world ends on 21st December???

Amidst so many predictions of different astrologers if we believe that world will indeed end on 21st December what will happen to us. First of all dear friends, don’t fear death because everyone will die according to the predictions. So there is no prejudice. First time no discrimination will be made on basis of caste, color,… Continue reading What will happen if world ends on 21st December???