Bring the Change for a good life

“Life does not get better by Chance, It gets better by Change.”

These words are really apt. If we are daring enough to take a bold step and bring that change in our life it can give us the happiness and satisfaction. A change for good can bring back the lost confidence.

After my twelfth standard, I cleared the state level Engineering examination. Most of my friends and counselors told me to take IT or computer science and take admission in a reputed private college near to my house. At times, listening to them I was also tempted towards this. But then I wanted to do something different. I always wanted to get admission in a government college. The day when I went for the counseling I listened to my heart, I wanted my life to change, I wanted to come out of the protective shell which my parents always gave and above all I wanted to make my future on my own. Hence I chose for mechanical branch in the college of my choice (a government institute). When everyone heard about it, they exclaimed stating Mechanical is not a girl’s field. But my parents supported me in my decision and that doubled my confidence.

When I entered the college everything was new to me hostel life, subjects, friends, labs etc. I had neither taken a spanner in my hand nor do I had worked on a lathe machine but then I had too it was my choice and I wanted to bring the transformation. It was not so easy, sometimes there were incidents where I felt weak, sometimes I even doubted myself, sometimes I was confused about the future but ultimately I believed in the change and in myself.

My one decision to bring the change brought to me everything that I wanted. I was among the toppers of my batch, I was a proud student, I got selected in one of the top automobile industry and above all I was able to find myself. I got the confidence and from a reserved girl I became an extrovert, smart and confident person. I am altogether a different person now. This one change in my life has given me the confidence that now I can fight, I can fight for my dreams. No more I sit behind cursing my destiny or waiting for a chance. Today, I know that I can change the world and make the world according to my choice.

Bring the change and Be the change, #Start a new life- that’s all I have to say!!

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Book Review- F?@K Knows

Title- F?@K KNOWS

Author- Shailendra Singh

Publisher- Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd

Genre- Non Fiction


About the book- The book answers some tough questions about your life in a simple and candid way. It is a self-help book written in a very informal tone and unique style which takes your attention through its cover page itself.

Vibrant and bright, a yellow cover page catches one’s attention and the unique title will not let you avoid having hold on this book and read this on.

Funny in its tone and unconventional in sense, this book answers life’s most important questions in a sparkling, flavorful and in-your-face humour, advising you on how to:-

  • Find yourself (Because you’re probably lost. Admit it.)
  • Follow your heart (Because if you don’t then you’ll die unhappy, you stupid f?@ker.)
  • Achieve your goals (You know you want to.)
  • Live life like you give a f?@k (Because…why not?)

My Take- This book target the young audience specifically the people below 25 years of age but that doesn’t mean that people above this age cannot achieve anything from this. Trust me, if you want some real solution to the real life problems without the enormous ‘gyaan’ of philosophy and preaching this book is for you.

Straightforward in approach, humorous and to the point this book, will definitely guide you to find answers to your question and you will be able to relax your running brain and calm your heart.

Realistic to the core, this book states authors own experiences of life. When the author loses his father to cancer and he himself gets a heart attack he realizes though he has got all the things of the materialistic world, fame and money with great luxuries still he doesn’t know who he is and what he wants?

This is a life citation for many as most of us are busy following the crowd rather than following our heart.

This book guides you to find your bucket list and how to get all the items in that list. The essence of this book is to be true to yourself and follow your heart. Dare to dream and dare to achieve it.

So, if you want some real help on the question like what do you want and what you are today? Go for this one. I am sure this won’t let you down.

P.S. – If you are someone who cannot tolerate or feel a bit embarrassed using and reading the lingo of slang then this is not your cup of tea or just read one of the chapters which gives the explanation on why not use the word F?@K more often (Pg no 53).

The Title F?@K Knows– The unique and bizarre title of this book is probably because the author wants to catch attention of the target audience who are still finding the way out to their dreams or may be the way to what they want in a dream. The most commonly used word may be because of the effect of American sitcoms or may be used to prove the cool attitude is used by the author to be able to articulate and represent the thought of the unknown. In one interview about his book he stated “I couldn’t think of a better title than this, In the early 90’s, just about anybody who was my influence in life had used the phrase god knows to death. All I can tell you is, it’s about how little of what we know to stardom that makes so little sense. How do you explain Asia’s greatest entertainer selling cement and hair oil? No one has an answer. That’s why my book is called F?@k Knows”

About the Author– Shailendra Singh an uber- successful entrepreneur, is a multi-facet personality. For some he is a sports marketing guru, and for some advertising whizz or Bollywood producer and many acknowledge him as a shrewd dealmaker. He is the owner of Percept limited and the organizer of world’s ninth best music festival SUNBURN. With many feathers in his cap he adds on one more with his first attempt on writing. He is active on social campaigns for HIV/AIDS and cancer as well.

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This is my first book review. Hope to write some more reviews soon. Thanks a ton Blogadda for this one!!!! 🙂


What will happen if world ends on 21st December???

Amidst so many predictions of different astrologers if we believe that world will indeed end on 21st December what will happen to us.

First of all dear friends, don’t fear death because everyone will die according to the predictions. So there is no prejudice. First time no discrimination will be made on basis of caste, color, creed and other such imprudent human created differences.

If you want to really worry you can think that there will be no one left here to mourn your death and to remember you after you die. Sad, but no worries as ultimately all of us are going to meet in the place above.

And now, as I see the future place of all residing souls I would like to share my thoughts about it. Folks, believe me nothing will change. Yes, trust me. Ok, lets not complicate things. I will try to relate things and make it easy to comprehend.

I am damn sure since all the great brains have already reached heaven they must have laid the foundation of all the technology for us.

Primarily, we talk about the three basic necessities- Food, Clothes, and Shelter.

   Food, don’t worry we have plenty in stocks in the kitchen of The Almighty. After all where will all the Prasad and offerings go? It will be used now only.

   Clothes I guess if we are going to be souls we despise the clothes but fine ‘Lord Krishna’ will give us the necessary clothing as he gave to ‘Draupadi in Mahabharata’.

   Shelter yes of course some will have to go to hell obviously here the politicians and all those corrupt leaders. And the common man like us will definitely go to heaven. I trust GOD on this one at least.

So now the basic problem is solved. Let’s move on to Money. Here also all of those who are earning souls of the family will still receive their salary and the added benefit will be here there will be no Recession or the Euro Zone crash. Though definitely there will be a stock exchange obviously headed by ‘Lord Kuber’. And people will get onsite opportunity also. NRI’s will be staying in ‘Kailash Parbat’.

Educational centers will be here definitely when we have Goddess Saraswati herself.

Recreation and luxury will be definitely there. The chain of ‘Yamraj resorts’ must be there. For those who love adventure you can do all water sports activities, snorkeling, and zorbing at the adobe of ‘Lord Vishnu.’ Cheaper accommodation will be also available. The earth’s ‘dharam shala’ will be opened as ‘maran shala’ there.

Ok, Ok I got it you are thinking of travel. You will get cheaper faster travels by the newly opened flight services by different airlines. Certainly, they will take over the ‘Pushpak Viman’ and ‘Jatayu’ services. For overseas travel ‘The Sheshnaag Ship’ is there.

Oh common now you have started worrying about petty things. I see my friends worrying they will die without even getting married. As I comprehend you are searching your SOULMATE only you will get it there. The matrimonial services will be there “Bhoot Matrimony” and “Maran sathi.” Oops, now I hear someone talking about the fitness. Gyms will be there surely. The skeleton, bones will all become your dumbles and other gym accessories.

Oh gosh, how can I forget the communication? Indra has his durbar and the members will be taken over by the different service provider and software giants. I believe Vayu Deva will be replaced by AndroidAgni deva by I-phone and Windows will take over the power of jal or water.And rely on me you will have customer care center also. The ‘apsaras’ yeah those gorgeous ladies will take the job of customer care executives.  Of course, there will be a board with the message “You are in a queue. We respect your patience.”

But above all, since the population of world has increased by leaps and bounds I believe God must have postponed the idea of destructing the earth and calling all of us above in lieu of less capacity space. So probably it will not happen.

After all this crap thoughts, before anyone of you thinks me insane I will cut this short just giving a short message.

   “You only live once. But if you do it right once is enough. So, live life, Laugh Lots and Love forever.”


PS- This post is just a part of Humor. It doesnot intend to hurt anyone beliefs. culture or trust.


@ Office

Let’s play a Game….


What’s the next word that strikes you when you say “Office”??







It may be even more but I guess if I know the corporate people a bit it must be something in relation to above.

Anyways, a straight forward question- How many of us are really enjoying our work???? And the answer for sure will be,”Not many”.

Next one- Why???

Didn’t we opt for the company???Weren’t we happy when we got recruited through our college placement cell???


What do we want then… a flexi timing office…no restrictions on leaves…liberty on work from home…no proxy settings on social networking site…no “chik chik” from “BOSS” or in that case anyone…no restrictions on dress codes….good salary with super cool incentives…

Whoopie… that will be indeed a dream come true!!!

But, thinking over it again. Do we really need to always crib about office or can we really work on this and be happy and contented in what we have?

To begin with I would like to tell that I myself am working in an environment like this and sitting all day long in office in front of the computer screen makes me lethargic and dull and only gain I achieved was in few extra calories on my body….:( :$ but then this kind of gain comes free with your job. 😛

I always cursed my office, the only day I like office was the day when I use to get my Salary.

Till the day, when I thought “enough of it. I really need to do something.” From the various ideas jostling in my mind was, “Shall I quit the job? What next?”

Then I thought over it again and I calculated the time I get after office and accordingly decided to plan my schedule. It may look a bit boring as in time table and all are school kids stuff. We forgot how to follow time tables when we learnt how to bunk classes.

But  I was amazed to find that most of my spare time (be it after office or during leaves or weekends) is getting wasted in activities which I can’t even think about.

Sleep, Hang out, Parties, Washing clothes…thinking about all this…I mean and then I blame my office for wasting my time. 🙂 🙂

What next, It prompted me to prepare my wish list of top 20 things I would like to have or I would like to do inclusive of the time when I want to own them / Learn them/ Enjoy them…It was a list consisting of boastful dreams from travels to my dream destination…owning a BMW or an Audi…a beach side villa….to mere little things like buying the latest trendy dress and X brand cosmetics for me.

After listing down those I realized most of them are not difficult to achieve and I can just do them by round the clock adjustment and wasting less time.

Often we dream big and dream many but we forget what we really want to achieve. We forget our potentials and we keep on blaming our routine, schedule, office. That list was completely an eye opener for me. I realized what I want to do, I realized the power of dreams, I understood the importance of ambitions and aspirations.

So the next step I did was immediately prioritizing my time and wish list and joining and buying the things that are in my top 20 dreams.

Really it was fun to do!!!! I will not say that I gained 100% success but yes soon I will.

I request all people like me to list down the things they want to do, look for the time you have and fulfill your wish list.

Just remember –

“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.”

“Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway”



Life is short…so finish all the crazy things you want to do!!!!



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