Limitless Love

For the love so pure,
For the bond de jure,
For the hope anew,
For the relationship so true…

The marriage days were all fun; celebration, enjoyment, new relations, plenty of emotions and a much needed break. Yes, that’s what was on our mind when we took a three weeks long break for our wedding.

Our Relationship
 It was an arranged marriage for us. But as marriages are made in Heaven (philosophically) and opposite attracts (scientifically) similar is the case for us. We two, entwined together by destiny forever have completely contrasting characters. I being chatty and inquisitive while he being silent and knowledgeable, I am eloquent while he is generous, I become indecisive and nervous at times while he is optimistic.
Our relationship is like air and fire active and powerful. It’s a very fiery, passionate connection; there’s always something going on. Within all these dynamics I always ponder that we know each other so well. But sooner did I start realizing that there is still much to know about him and for him to understand about me. And then, at certain time it seems that so much we appreciate each other yet so little.
As soon as we return from the celebration we got so much tied up in our work that we hardly got time to know much about each other. This being one reason and may be the actual being that we were overconfident that after six months of courtship we identify each other likes and dislikes pretty well. Office tensions, deadlines, what to buy for groceries, planning for future, responsibilities are taking a toll on our love life.
I know that we love each other a lot but I am also missing the spark that was indeed required to air 

the fire. I discern love isn’t perfect. It is not a fairy tale or a story book. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting it go. It’s a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. And we cannot live without each other.

We love each other and perhaps we both know each other completely but here the trouble is not only to know about each other but also to spent time with each other so that we start loving even those things what we didn’t understand about each other.
How to hear those untold things? How to understand those unspoken words? How to get the time?What can I do to refuel my love life?
Then I saw this beautiful emotional video from British Airways which perfectly defined the pure relationship of an arrange marriage in which your heart speaks a thousand words but your mouth can’t speak anything out, in which your eyes are the only mode of speech and understanding. It relates to us so well and I am sure with any couple in that matter.
I promise you;
stars I will bring and catch the morning light for you.
I promise you;
I will show the best of this life to you.
And then I have decided that our first anniversary we are going to celebrate in the most romantic place of world Europe. And yes I have planned everuything for the trip. The destination to go are the Love cities Paris and Italy. The one prime reason behind choosing these destinations are because they are his dream destinations.
Paris the eternal  romantic destination of Europe famous for outstanding cuisines, fashion, luxury goods and cocktail. Yes, visiting the world’s wonder Eiffel Tower is definiytely on the cards but more to visit the museums, the chapels and churches. I am sure he being the lover of History would definitely love it. We will have lot of time to spend with each other and more to understand each other.
Venice is perhaps the world’s most unique romantic place is my dream destination and then the iconic gondola ride in the city’s picturesque waterways. The art gallerys and the candle light dinner with relishing venetian cuisines the italian food and the masked ball, the world renowned Carnival of Venice. Then my dream to tie the knot again with him under Juliet’s Window.
I am sure with this trip we are definitely going to find out a new side of each other, we will definitely know each other better and our Love and relationship will find a entirely new meaning in itself.

No matter how far we go,
I promise you.
I will reach you.
To show,
The unconditional limitless love for you!!!
I am sure with time we will recognize oneself with each other more than what we do today and this trip will prove a relishing and memorable dream cum true for us.

For now I can just say the beauty that you have brought in my life is beyond description. I hardly can express it in words my heart speaks a new language now.
This post is a part of Indiblogger and British Airways ‘Go Further to get Closer‘ contest.

Love Arranged

Certain things are destined to happen and among all such things one is marriage which holds an important rather a prodigious position in Indian society. True that Marriage is made in heaven but arranged on earth.

Like every other girl Meera also had dreams about her marriage. Meera, who is a simple, smart girl in her late twenties; she is independent, talented, inquisitive and chirpy. Dusky complexion, big eyes reflecting the innocence of her heart, she is the perfect example of girl next door. She has always been the heart of the group and by nature a very emotional and sensitive girl.

“Meera, book your tickets for next weekend. You have to come home. A family is coming to see you.” her mother told her over phone. “But Mom, why so soon? Tell them to wait. I have some urgent work at office.” She demanded. “These things won’t wait. Do as we say. Book the tickets and take care. Bye” Before Meera could argue again she just heard the phone engaged tone. And she has to follow her parents wish.

Though she has set her mind for marriage but she always used to become quite restless when her parents used to talk about any marriage proposal for her. She never really thought of what kind of marriage definition she will give to hers. Arranged, Love or Arranged-Love but somewhere in her thoughts she believed that whether Love or Arranged she will make her relationship stand on trust and care.

The next fortnight passed in fidgety for her. She was anxious and apprehensive. She checked the face book profile of the guy named Amar (she had got the mail from her father giving the details about the boy)  a number of times just to get some answer to her queries and to relax her strained mind who at that time was getting hit by a tsunami of thoughts and presumptions. “He looks handsome”, she thought, ”but is that sufficient? The profile is good. He was a software engineer by profession; he is good looking but is one meeting enough to decide? I need time”, she convinced herself and tried to calm her overburdened brain.

Time never stops and so the day came when Meera flew to her home for the big meeting. It might be an ordinary day for all but for her it was the most difficult day. She was not able to sleep, talk or eat. Everyone in her family was trying to help her keep calm but her heart was pumping with double rate and the thumping sound was piercing her ears. She was quite nervous about how the meeting will be it was sounding like a typical traditional arrange marriage.

The family arrived. The boy, Amar was tall and fair, dressed in complete formals he was looking smart, simple and sophisticated. The family greeted them and welcomed all of them inside. As her mother got busy serving the pakodas and cashews she just peeked out of her room to get the look of the scenario.

Suddenly her aunt entered, “Hey, come they are calling you?” She took a glance in the mirror and saw herself as she wore a pink chiffon saree which was very difficult for her to manage. She rehearsed all the questions she had practiced before. But the very first step she took outside the room her confidence shattered and she was trembling. She just was murmuring different names of God.

She smiled to regain her lost confidence and settled herself next to his mother and sister. As Meera was avoiding straight eye contact with anyone because she was shy Amar’s mother asked her a question,” So what are your hobbies?” She smiled and replied, “Writing.” And then the series of question and talks followed with in between reshuffling of people and laughs and such exchange of friendly gestures between the families.

Meera observed that Amar was actually trying to tell his sister that he wants to talk to the girl. Amar’s body language made her laugh which she tried to hide in her lips. She was trying to observe every single person present over there. Then the time came both their parents told Amar and Meera to go upstairs in the room and have a chit chat to know each other better.

The excitement on both the faces was quite visible. Meera could feel the goose bumps. She was nervous and her body was working in sync with it that day. The last drop of confidence was drained as she struggled with the saree while climbing the stairs. She remembered her first interview when she struggled with the door of the conference room and dropped her certificates. The situation seemed to be similar only thing this time it will be both way.

They both sat on the chairs waiting for each other to start. “Let him start”’ thought Meera,”at least this time it won’t be ladies first.” Might be he read her mind or might be he was anxious to know her more. He broke the killing silence and spoke, “So what is your job profile?” She replied explaining all the details that she could give but so nervous she was that she could hardly utter a word. He realized it and tried making her feel comfortable by telling about his own work and interests. He was giving intelligent, smart replies which impressed her.

Yes, Meera was awestruck by his simplicity and by his calmness. On the other hand Amar was captivated with her clarity of thoughts, her ideas about future and willingness to accept things as they come. In no time, they both were discussing things as they had known each other for long. They talk about everything from professional to personal from families to friends from expectations to enjoyment slowly realizing that certainly they are actually alike and their thinking are aligned to each other.

An hour passed and they were still talking with some pauses in between. That was a complete ice breaker session. By that time they both decided in their heart to say a yes. They went downstairs where both the families were eagerly waiting for them. And then it was time for a serious discussion. Both families started whispering among themselves discussing and asking the choice of Meera and Amar.Things went off well. It was an obvious yes from both sides. But Meera was not expecting this to be coming when the families announced their engagement the very next day.

“What!!! I mean I don’t even have a proper dress to wear.” that was her first response. May be she was acting like a typical girl for whom nothing but her looks matters the most. But it was her big day; she had every reason to demand. She cried, cribbed but to no avail. She has to surrender before her family happiness, before her own decision. This time she understood that apparently these things become petty in front of your own wishes especially when you are getting what you always wished for.

That night passed in a jiffy. Like an Indian wedding the traditions and customs were followed. Everything was arranged properly as per the wishes and consent of everyone. They both got engaged. Both excited and curious they enjoyed every part of the function. There were inhibitions but there were anticipations. There was coyness but there were exhilarations. The day ended with a feeling of true love, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling of admiration and a lesson that it is the sweet and simple things of life which are the real ones.

Love at first sight is rarely possible these days. What was the reason to say yes is probably unexplainable. You meet people every day but a few only leave their prints on the heart. It is a matter of zing. You meet, you talk, you get to know each other but sometimes even a second is enough to take the most difficult decision and sometimes it take even years to get conclusion.

True that no two people are alike but as the bridge connects the two banks of river, or the evening gives the serenity to the bright morning and cool nights it’s the confidence and patience that binds the gap between two souls.

It was an arrange marriage but when it was arranged Love if you ask Meera or Amar they won’t have the answer. Yes, indeed it was Love arranged by destiny or by choice but they both are enjoying that divine, humble relationship together waiting for the big day when they will be together forever to be happily ever after.


PS- This is an extract of my own personal experience. It’s an attempt of explaining my own feelings, when it was the judgment day for me. Until recently when I was single and now when life took a complete turn to take me to a different world. First time I realized how difficult it is to pen down your emotions and your heart.

This memoir I would like to dedicate to that special person who has changed the meaning of my life and to all those who are looking for their special someone. Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; be bold to make your choices as I made my choice to be with him forever.


Your destiny in your hands…

“The die is cast, come weal, come woe
Two lives are joined together,
For better or for worse,
the link which naught but death can sever”-Mary Weston

Indeed, a beautiful definition of marriage and a lesson all girls by heart before they step into their new life.

“Be happy beta. Now that is your life, your family.” said Aarti’s father. With these words, she bid good bye to her family and stepped into a new life. She is very happy today though her heart is still aching with pain of leaving her dearest people back home. She is looking heavenly dressed in a crimson red lehnga with golden zari work.

She stepped into her new house with a grand welcome as a ‘greh lakshmi’ as per the custom. After a bit of teasing and fun her sister in law left her in her room. She was damn tired but thought about the proceedings of the day. Hers was a lavish marriage. She enjoyed every moment of it . She was lost into her own dreams when suddenly Vikram entered the room. Vikram her husband software engineer by profession and a smart, handsome and nice person by nature.

Around three months have passed and Vikram broke this good news. He has got an onsite assignment and they both will be shifting to US next month. Theirs was an arrange marriage but in the first few months they complement each other so well that no one can even guess that they are a newly arranged marriage couple. Aarti heard this and hugged Vikram. She might have to leave her job but that’s ok she can search another one easily once they get settled there.

Suddenly, something pricked her finger and she woke up from her sleep in pain to realize it was a dream. That party, that welcome, that love, every happiness and enjoyment was in that dream. She saw two drops of blood on the floor. A small piece of broken plate has pierced her finger. She was lying on the floor. She tried getting up but her body refused to do so. She was bruised all around. There were broken pieces of glass surrounding her. She looked around for some support but shockingly the whole room was vacant. Someone entering in it will wonder whether two souls, a family ever existed there. At this time all she needed was some drops of water to revive and realize that she is still alive. Somehow she managed to drag herself and take the support of the nearby wall opened the tap and drank some water.

She took a deep breath and contemplated what happened last night. All she remembered was her loving husband Vikram came late at night completely drunk and they had an argument after which her beat her ruthlessly and left her on the floor hitting her twice and thinking that she is dead.

This was nothing new. Life changed for her drastically as soon as they came to US. Vikram was no more the same person he used to be during the initial days of her marriage. First few months were beautiful there and they both could have been envy to Romeo and Juliet. But suddenly Vikram became demanding. He used to ask for financial aid from her family. At first Aarti thought it to be normal. They are new to this place. She, though qualified is not having a job in her hand and it is difficult to settle in the unknown land with unknown faces all around. But as days passed his demand kept on increasing, from few thousands to buy necessary stuff for their new house, to cars, to bank loan payments to buying a house.

We are the angry and the desperate, the hungry, and the cold, we are the ones who kept quiet and always did what we were told.”(Author Unknown)
He has already sold all the jewels her mother gave her on their marriage. All the savings from her previous job and   whatever her family has given her were spent by Vikram to arrange things for his business. Aarti was seeing all this and whenever she insisted on finding a new job and helping him he would just shout and ask her to request her dad to send the money.

Aarti initially acted on what Vikarm said but soon she was fed up of his ever increasing demands. She was nowhere seeing Vikram leading a struggler’s life. He was enjoying life to the core, with parties, clubbing and lavish dinners. All the more he started ignoring Aarti and whenever she didn’t fulfill his demand he use to give her a thrashing.

Aarti opposed all this and she discussed this with her mother in law to which she got a cold reply “You are his better half and if you will not help him who else will. His demands are not wrong. Whatever he is doing is for your good only”.

Aarti thought of not telling all this to her parents. She was their only daughter and they will become more tensed after hearing all this. She just believed things will change soon. At times she used to discuss with Vikram but to no avail. She was a slave in her own house. She was not allowed to go out. Her diet was restricted to a glass of water and two chapattis with some gravy in a day. Vikram has started haranguing her. He has taken her pass port and visa too.

She thought all this and wiped the one drop of tear that was trying to find its way from her swollen eye to the dull cheeks. She saw a piece of paper lying on the floor in which a contact number of a NGO working for women’s right was given. She reflected for a second and then stood up. This time she was strong. The agony in her heart was much more than the pain what Vikram’s thrashing has given which has given her the strength to fight back. She limped to the adjacent room and dialed the number and fainted.

After fifteen minutes she opened her eyes and saw herself lying on a stretcher and three ladies around. A smile came to her she was satisfied that she has gained her freedom back. She will be now free from all bondages of silent pain and cries. And above all she wil now be able to stand in front of her own self and will be able to identify Aarti the one she lost the day she got married. With this she closed her eyes again waiting for a better, brighter tomorrow.

Don’t hold me up now, I can stand my own ground, I don’t need your help now, you will let me down, down, down!”- Author Unknown